Privacy Policy

At, we take the security and confidentiality of your information very seriously. We have implemented a combination of technical solutions, security practices and processes to maintain the confidentiality of your information.

Online security

Our security safeguards consist of a wide variety of technical solutions and security practices all designed to work together to protect your information.

1) Data encryption and message integrity
2) Authentication of your identity
3) Password protection
4) Session time-out

1) Data encryption and message integrity
Your communications and transactions are secure and confidential when you successfully sign in to our secure websites with an Sign-in and password. We use McAfee SECURE to help keep your information confidential while you conduct business on our secure websites. McAfee SECURE helps ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your online transactions by creating a uniquely encrypted transmission over the Internet between your web browser and
For your security, you will not be able to sign in to our secure websites if your browser does not support a minimum of 128-bit encryption. For improved security, performance and support, we recommend that you use the latest browser version with all of the applicable security patches installed.

2) Authentication of your identity
We will only grant access to your account after the proper Sign-in and password have been entered. When you successfully sign in to our secure websites, your browser will establish a secure connection between your computer and our web servers using McAfee SECURE, which helps prevent your information from being tampered with during transmission across the Internet.

All modern web browsers include mechanisms that indicate when online connections are secure. Often a lock symbol is used and may be displayed in the web browser address bar and/or elsewhere on your screen. Visit the website for your browser to learn about the symbols or mechanisms they use to let you know when online connections are secure.

3) Password protection
When you access our secure websites, we need proof of your identity in the form of your Sign-in and password. We will only grant access to your account if the proper Sign-in and password are entered. Always keep your password confidential. Only you should know what it is. 

To prevent others from guessing your password, we will disable your password after 3 consecutive unsuccessful sign-on attempts. If this happens to you, contact the number indicated on the error message received. will not be held responsible for any loss or damage which may be incurred as a result of unauthorized use of your password.

4)Session time-out
To prevent your account from remaining open when not in use, your online session with our secure websites will be terminated after several minutes of inactivity. If this occurs, you will need to successfully sign in again with your Sign-in and password to continue.

Communicating with Philosockphy

We promote safe communication practices when dealing with our clients and customers. Whether you communicate with us through telephone, email or online, here's what you can expect:

-We will not ask you to provide personal, financial or confidential information in email communications initiated by Philosockphy.
-We will never ask you to change your account information. You have to initiate changes to your account yourself.
-We will never ask you for your password.
-We protect your email address by maintaining appropriate technical safeguards. All emails we receive are screened for infected file attachments.
-We may require additional information or verification before accepting a transaction, to ensure the account holder is making the request.

Philosockphy reserves the right to restrict or cancel access to the site without providing notice. This will be done when Philosockphy has reason to believe that your data may be at risk.