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Our Sock Of The Month Club is a monthly subscription to the most comfortable, well-designed, and awesome socks in all the land.

Our in-house team designs every colorful and stylish pair of socks, manufactures them on a 200-needle knitting machine (think HD vs standard-definition television), and gets them to your sock drawer every single month.

It's time to step up your sock game and we are here to help with the best sock of the month club for men and women alike. Get your monthly sock subscription box, delivered right at your doorsteps. 


Our monthly sock subscription club delivers in the USA and Canada.

But How you ask? It's as easy as One, Two, Three

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Cancel or skip a shipment with just one click in your account page. Members never pay for shipping...

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We are so confident that you will love our colorful socks so much we shockingly back it up by not one but TWO GUARANTEES

No-questions, No-quibbles, Money-Back Guarantee
No-questions, No-quibbles, price Match Guarantee
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We stand by our product 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we'll solve it. Refund it. Replace your order. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our Customer Happiness Team. We're here for you. We are so confident that our socks are the best quality out there that if you find a similar or better quality at a better price, we will give 5 pairs ABSOLUTELY FREE. Now, keep in mind, similar or better quality, not any low quality pairs that you can buy at the dollar store.


Who are our members?

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3,257 832 2,425

Bought it for themselves Gave it as a Gift Longest Running
52% 48% Since January 4, 2016

Join Philosockphy’s monthly sock club

Do you love socks, but are getting bored with all the plain designs? Then Philosockphy is the perfect sock shop for you. We have plenty of vibrant, colorful sock designs for you to choose from, designed by talented Canadian designers. Not only are our socks colorful, but they are also high quality, so you know that they will be long-lasting and allow your feet to breathe. Sign up to our monthly sock subscription today and see our amazing socks for yourself! Read More

Why socks?

Philosockphy creators Johnny and Ariel came up with the idea of designing and selling socks because they wanted to start a business that could help people to look good and do good for the community too. The demand for colorful socks was high, but they noticed that there wasn’t a large selection of designs and quality socks to choose from, so Philosockphy was created in December of 2015.

Our socks are designed and created so that people can express their individuality through different colors and patterns. They are a great addition to colorful wardrobes, or for people with work uniforms or dress codes so that they can still express their individuality using their socks.

What causes do you support?

One of the main aims of our company was to give back to the community, that is why a percentage of our profits goes to charity. We support two causes, one in the U.S. and one in Canada.

The charity that we partnered with in the U.S. is Philadelphia’s People’s Emergency Center (PEC). Their mission is to strengthen neighborhoods, nurture families and drive change. PEC offers affordable housing units, parenting and early childhood education, job training, financial education and planning, and life skills to homeless women with children and parenting youth. For these people in need, PEC wants to help them to change their life trajectory by giving them the support they need through their services, to achieve housing security and financial stability.

The Canadian charity that we are partnered with is Brands For Canada, whose mission is to eliminate poverty and inequality by purposefully using goods towards this goal. Not only do we donate part of our profits to this organisation, but we also donate our surplus inventory.

Get socks every month in Canada

Your purchase of our monthly sock subscription will not only benefit you by treating your feet to socks that are colorful and comfortable, it will also help give back to the community and support the causes that you have read about above.

Our socks use high quality material so that your feet will feel comfortable in them. We use a blend of materials that has been tested and engineered so that we are happy with it. We also use combed cotton which is better quality than regular cotton because all the short strands are removed.

Buy your socks from Philosockphy, the socks with a heart, to get high-quality socks with fun, versatile designs while also giving back to the community.

What Are the Benefits of a Sock Subscription?

The perfect gift for yourself or anyone you know is a sock subscription. Let’s face it – if the dryer isn’t eating them for breakfast, this essential item gets worn out with weekly wear. Once the bottoms start getting threadbare, your feet can begin to suffer.

Instead of shopping for cheap bulk socks at your favorite store, a subscription lets you manage this essential need while stepping up the quality of what you put on your feet.

The best subscriptions offer styles that fit your personality, the chance to choose what you want (or want to give), and keeps prices affordable.

Why a Sock Subscription Makes Sense Today

Most sock subscriptions tend to be at least 30% cheaper than if you purchased a similar product at retail. Depending on where you live and the products you prefer, the savings can even reach 50% at times.

If you want to give yourself the gift of high-quality socks all year long, you can have your favorite styles shipped to your front door.

When you need a gift for someone, the items ship directly to the place you choose so that it is possible to offer a present that continues providing smiles throughout the year.

We need socks almost every day. When the colder b months come along, a thick and comfy pair can help your toes stay warm! Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, another holiday, or a just-because gift, a sock subscription can take care of you, your family, or your friends in any season. It’s one of the fastest and most affordable ways to buy socks online.

Since a sock subscription offers a new pair (or more!) each month, you won’t need to worry about running out. In addition, it’s more convenient than trying to rummage under the bed or search around the dryer for what has gone missing.

The socks a person wears can say a lot about their personality. Some people like something colorful and bold, while others want something understated and focused on comfort. You can switch up your look regularly or get the consistent style you want for each season.

It is easy to keep purchasing the same sock styles at retail stores because the selection is somewhat limited. You might end up with the same white tube socks or dark dress socks in your drawer. If you can add a few pops of patterns or colors, it becomes lots of fun to start experimenting with different choices.

Sick of your socks? We’ve got you sorted!

We all know accessorizing is a key step for ensuring your outfit is in top shape. The average person will think of jewelry, belts, or watches when they think of accessorizing, but to the keen observer, it goes even deeper than this. You want your outfit to stand out from your head to your toes. We are talking about the socks that you wear.

Socks are often underlooked as an accessory, but they can make the difference between an okay outfit and a top-tier one. Whether you are adding the final piece of the puzzle to your patterned and colorful outfit or working in a strict office environment and want to maintain a professional appearance with a pop of personality. Your outfit can be upgraded by utilizing our monthly sock subscription.

Our sock of the month club is a men’s sock subscription service. What this means is that each month you will receive our specially designed and crafted socks in the mail, directly to your door. This will allow you to slowly build up your collection, whilst also ensuring you never have to wear another holey or ratty pair of overused socks again.

What is a monthly sock subscription?

As a monthly sock subscription service, we work hard to develop high-quality and stylishly designed socks to meet your everyday needs.

First, you will choose the plan that you want to subscribe to, this will determine the total number of socks you will receive each month.

Next, you will browse our current designs and select which style you are after. You can choose whichever style calls to you, or you can roll the dice and go with our monthly best sellers! After this, your socks will arrive in the mail, and you’ll walk away as cool as a cucumber.

If you’re asking yourself “What if one month I don’t want more socks?” or “what if one month my budget doesn’t allow for sock purchases?”, worry no more, it is easy as apple pie to skip a month or even cancel your subscription if your circumstances change. But of course, we recommend keeping your subscription active, and maintaining your membership status, as our members do not have to pay for shipping.

If you’re still having doubts, don’t ask us, ask our loyal customer base, who voted us the #1 best socks subscription on amazon in 2020.

And hey, if it turns out that you are unhappy with your purchase we provide a money-back guarantee, that’s how confident we are that you will love your socks. If you find a lower-priced service of similar or better quality, we also have a price match guarantee, we will give you five pairs of socks for free if this is the case!

Why an awesome socks club will fix all your problems!

Some of the greatest problems in life are solved with socks. We’re not talking about your everyday socks that you wear to run errands or go to work in, we’re talking about the socks that make every day better. The socks that make you feel like a million bucks, even if you don’t have any money in your pocket! The type of socks that always help you out when you need them most. Who doesn’t love getting great new socks in the mail? If you’re not familiar with it, a socks subscription box service sends you a new pair of comfortable, fun socks every month—usually with themes ranging from fun patters and colors! I’ve gotten several monthly socks subscriptions myself, and they make me smile every time I see them waiting in my mailbox! In this guide, I’ll show you how an awesome sock of the month club can fix all your problems! It’s practically magic... well, maybe not literally, but figuratively it’s the best kind of magic!

For those who are looking for a simple way to bring something new into their lives, but don’t have time for shopping or browsing stores—the sock subscription box is great. You can sign up online and never even have to leave your house to receive new socks every month. Rather than wasting time searching high and low for unique pairs, you can let someone else do that hard work for you. That way, you spend less time picking out clothes and more time doing what really matters to you. Plus, if it turns out you don’t like a pair of your socks – you can always send them back! The best part about these types of subscriptions is how convenient they make life – people love them because they save them time. As adults our lives get so busy, we need things that allow us to relax and wind down from everything else going on around us - having me-time isn't just for kids anymore. Now that people have entered adulthood it's important to stay comfortable as well as stylish - which means keeping up with trends in fashion while making sure not to waste any valuable time trying different options on before buying one pair at a store.

From a gift for a loved one to a fancy-schmancy present for yourself, picking out a good pair of socks can be tricky business. That’s where Philosockphy comes in. Their sock subscription box is designed specifically with men’s fashion and style in mind. Their monthly sock subscriptions come with 1, 4 or 6 pairs of high-quality, affordable dress socks that look great and feel even better—without any guesswork or hassle on your part. It makes it easy to have fun looking good. What’s not to love?

Most people really like getting things shipped straight to their door: Who doesn't like getting presents? Getting new socks isn't exactly exciting unless you get them right out of your very own Philosocks order, but at least there's more utility here than sitting around waiting for another tie every year. The appeal of receiving just what I wanted instead of not what I didn't want really does improve things when you're talking about something as mundane as clothing . Whether it's dressing up or down, shirts are already plenty hard to deal with in terms of sizing issues; having some room inside whatever shirt you buy is probably more important than how many button holes there are.

Getting a subscription to an awesome sock subscription box is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. No matter what time of year it is, you’ll always be able to find some special occasion to gift them with another pair. The best part? It’s something that’s practical and actually gets used by its recipient. What other gift can claim that? And let’s not forget how attractive someone looks when they put on a pair of well-fitting socks! There are so many reasons to join up with Philosockphy sox box, you just have to see for yourself why we’re easily becoming one of the best mens sock subscription boxes around. Don't wait any longer - sign up today before your friends do!

Socks are one of those things that get thrown out frequently. They get holes in them, or just look dirty no matter how much you wash them, so it’s not unusual to buy a new pair every few months. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself spending money on them. By investing in a subscription to an online sock-of-the-month service, you can alleviate these issues while also getting premium options for your daily attire. Sock subscriptions include both multiple pairs of basic colors and patterns at reasonable prices, saving money over time while giving men access to high quality products rather than cheap poor quality ones.

Socks aren't about fashion or style. Ever heard that? Well who ever said that was crazy. Sure socks don't make or break your outfit but there's no reason they can't be stylish too! Whether you want to accessorize or give life to your wardrobe, Philosockphy sock subscription box has got you covered. Our collection has every color imaginable in multiple patterns, styles, shapes... really whatever tickles your fancy. When you think about it, a sock subscription service provides a great way to expand your wardrobe. Most men only have a couple of colors that they wear for their socks – blue or black – but sock subscription services provide you with a lot more options, which means you can start to branch out and create a variety of outfits. When you have a good variety of colors, patterns and textures at your disposal, mixing and matching becomes easier and much more fun! You’ll have more opportunities to show off your individuality as well as experiment with new looks. In addition to opening up what’s possible when creating outfits, a monthly sock subscription also provides an option for those who just aren’t creative enough to come up with cool combinations on their own.

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Of course you can, if you want to. We are the only Sock Of The Month Club that lets you choose your designs.

However we recommend you go with each month's bestseller as it adds a fun surprise to every order, but again it is completely up to you.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like your socks for ANY REASON, we’ll make it right! If you’re not happy, we REALLY are not happy.

It is completely up to you. Depending on your choice you will receive either 1, 4, or 6 pairs per month. If you are trying to refresh your whole sock drawer, we recommend the 4 and 6 pairs. If you are trying to start slow and change pairs slowly then 1 pair per month is perfect for you.

We aim to make a positive impact on the sustainability of our environment and well being of our community through our partnership with Brands for Canada and Philadelphia's People's Emergency Center. Part of the proceeds from your order goes directly to helping these organizations.

We've also spent the last 5 years working to perfect the quality and design of these modern socks, but don't just take it from us!

We have a 97% 5-star review rating across 1000+ reviews, check them out!

Absolutely not! Unlike other Monthly Subscriptions, we are completely non-committal, you can cancel anytime. We would appreciate it if you let us know at least a week before your next month's order gets shipped.

You can also skip a month or cancel your account at any time. Simply log in to your account or email us at

After trial and error, we truly believe that we have found the ideal material combination to make sure you are getting the most comfortable and durable pair of socks on the market, with a stylish design to match. Our socks are made from 80% combed cotton, 15% nylon, and 5% elastane. This means that you get the benefits of cotton socks as well as those of nylon and elastane.

Keeping it real with Cotton

Clothing made from cotton is well known for being far more breathable. This will allow you to have dry and comfortable feet. As it is a natural fabric, your steps can be lighter knowing you have done your small bit for the environment. Finally, if you have sensitive skin cotton is also known to be of benefit to you, as it is more breathable your feet will sweat less, and excess moisture is removed by the natural wick, so your skin will be less irritated.

Furthermore, we use combed cotton. This specially processed cotton removes the short fibres of the cotton. By doing this, we are able to increase the overall quality of the cotton, as well as its softness and longevity.

Never without Nylon

When it comes to a material that works best blended with others, nylon is your best bet. Nylon has the added benefit of removing any negative attributes from other materials while bringing its own set of positives. Its main benefits being; it is considered very stretchable, it retains heat, it’s durable and it’s affordable. This allows us to pass on these benefits to you, the consumer.

Elasticity with Elastane

As the name implies, elastane has elastic properties. This essentially means it stretches well, so you are able to get a close fit and comfort. Most often, it is used in socks to assist in their staying-up power and to provide extra support for your arch and ankle. By blending it with other materials, it will enhance the overall comfort of your socks.

We are a Canadian owned and operated fashion sock company. We started out with three key pillars we wanted to ensure we utilized as an aspect of our business model.

  1. We wanted to give back to our community. We believe we have found the right organizations to do this. We are partnered with two excellent organizations which a portion of our proceeds go towards; “Brands for Canada” and “Philidelphias Peoples Emergency Center”.
  2. We wanted to make sure we brought versatile designs to the table to enable you to express your unique personality while keeping your outfits matching and fashionable.
  3. We wanted to make sure our consumers could reap the benefits of our high-quality socks at an affordable price.

You have complete control over how many socks you want to get in your set. We have three options, 1 pair, 4 pairs or 6 pairs per month.

If you are interested in slowly changing over your sock drawer, we recommend that you start with 1 pair per month., However, if you want a complete refresh, we recommend that you consider the option for 4 pairs or 6 pairs of socks per month.

We are passionate about giving back to the community and having a positive effect on the environment by incorporating sustainability into our company ethos.

We have partnered with some inspiring companies “Brands for Canada” and “Philidelphias Peoples Emergency Center”, as partners we contribute a part of our proceeds towards these organizations.

By ensuring our socks are more durable and long-lasting, we are also helping you to make the conscious choice as a consumer to purchase products that won't just end up in the landfill after one wear. This will allow you to maintain your environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

The creative mind behind our sock designs is Ariel, she heads our team of Canadian designers to help ensure their talents are put to use. This means that each pair of socks you receive are unique and designed for Philsockphy.

Cancel or skip a shipment with just one click in your account page. Members never pay for shipping...