About Us


PHILOSOCKPHY is a fashion socks company with the mission of bringing versatile designs for everyday wear at the most affordable prices while making a positive impact in the sustainability of our environment and well-being of our community.

Not an easy job to combine all three elements of our mission in one product. But somehow through dedication, hard work and a lot of help from Lady Luck, that is exactly what we have done.



When the first designs were presented in Canada, the reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Backed up by strong online sales, our first exclusive store ordered the products and the adventure began.

Feeling humbled and blessed by such a good start, we decided to make a positive impact. This decision has been engraved in our DNA ever since. We partnered up with Brands For Canada, a charity organization which aims to create a world where goods are purposefully used to eliminate poverty and inequality. PHILOSOCKPHY decided to donate part of our profits, in addition to surplus inventory, to Brands For Canada. This will directly help 1 in 7 Canadian families in need.

Charitable activities and support of those in need are front and center in all of PHILOSOCKPHY's business ventures, which is why with our expansion to the U.S. market, we have chosen to support the Philadelphia's People's Emergency Center. We are looking forward to strengthen our partnership in 2018.


This is why we are fondly referred to as: PHILOSOCKPHY, the socks with a heart!


How did you get the idea for your business and when did you get started?

Johnny-picture-philosockphyJohnny, one of the founders of PHILOSOCKPHY, is a serial entrepreneur wanting to create a company that would make people look good and do good for their community. After thinking long and hard he figured out how he could provide value to a business. Unfortunately for him being fashion savvy was not one of his strength.


Ariel-Picture-PhilosockphyHe partnered with his fashion creative counterpart, Ariel, and together they came up with the idea of designing and selling socks. They noticed that even though there was a demand for colorful socks, the quality and selection in the market was not very high. Therefore, PHILOSOCKPHY was officially created in December 2015.



alexandra-picture-philosockphyAlexandra, is the magic that makes PHILOSOCKPHY run smoothly. She takes care of the day to day tasks and makes sure that all the orders are sent out on time, the marketing is up to Johnny's standards and everything in between. If it wasn't for Alexandra, Johnny "would be lost"


What happened since the start?

It took months of hard work involving talented designers and creative people to produce the first collection of PHILOSOCKPHY. We interviewed and carefully selected the most adequate supplier. We looked for different criteria when we made the selection. Fair working conditions and sustainability being among the highest priorities.

The result of this selection process was to have the design, quality assurance, logistics and distribution done in Canada. Development located in China.


How do you get ideas for new products? Please describe the creative working process of PHILOSOCKPHY briefly. 

Being Canadian, we admire diversity and appreciate individuality. In our creative design process, we strive to feature versitality and allow expression of individuality through the integration of different colors and patterns. 


What do you love about your job? What gives a special pleasure to you in your work?

Knowing that we are creating a product that people love to wear and at the same time doing our part in our community.


Who or what inspires you?

Our inspiration sources are various: travelling, nature, diverse cultures and most of all daily family life.


How do you see the future for PHILOSOCKPHY? And the future of your products?

We have more exciting ideas. We are currently working on developing new designs. We are thrilled to introduce them soon.

More long term, we are working on establishing a scholarship in our alma mater on entrepreneurship.

So the future is bright but busy, and we wouldn’t have it otherwise.


What was the most exciting experience having your own brand / company?

The brand has been selling itself.  Right from the beginning, without any special sales or promotion activities. And now we are also receiving orders from stores in the U.S.

Our socks, unsolicited, have received a lot of attention. Magazines and bloggers contact us and are interested to know more about the brand.