Why you should sign up for our sock of the month club

Why you should sign up for our sock of the month club

How many socks do you go through in a year? Let’s be honest, you probably don’t even know the answer to that question because you wear the same few pairs of socks over and over again, right? It’s time to add some variety to your sock drawer with our sock of the month club subscription! Each month we’ll send you three new pairs of designer socks to add some excitement to your daily footwear, plus when you subscribe we’ll give you $5 off your first pair! What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Because your feet deserve it

You spend most of your day with your feet on them and (hopefully) socks on them, so why not buy a subscription to a sock service that brings fun, eclectic and cool socks directly to your door? A great sock can make all-day comfort a little more exciting and enjoyable. And we love offering different themed sock of the month clubs. Our heroes wear philosophy socks club, puts real words from famous philosophers on fun colored knee-highs like feel good is better than feel bad or dream big no matter how hard you have to work. We even have an awesome socks surprise box where we pair people with random out of left field themes. Not only will you get totally new designs but also boxes include puzzles, riddles and jokes in each box!

A Bit About Our Socks

In today’s fast-paced world, many people have given up on wearing socks. Unfortunately, socks are more important than ever before! Without a barrier between your feet and shoes, you risk picking up all kinds of nasty things like athlete’s foot and yeast infections. Furthermore, your skin is exposed to harmful chemicals which can lead to rashes and even permanent damage to sensitive areas. But there is a solution: wear socks! Our exclusive sock of the month club brings new pairs of socks right to your door every 30 days (or whatever schedule works best for you). We even include sweet extras like jewelry and swag from local businesses in some months. Get started with our first monthly pair today; socks that look good on heroes deserve heroes that wear great socks!

We Ship Them Directly To You

Our socks ship directly to your door. No more fighting crowds and cold winter weather at stores looking for an awesome pair of socks. Our sock subscription will keep you stocked with fresh, fun socks all year long so you can stay stylish and comfortable when getting dressed in the morning! You’ll never know what kind of great surprises we have in store for next month until your new pair arrives! And, if a specific color or style isn’t to your liking, we offer different subscriptions that are sure to please any taste or personality! Try a sock-of-the-month subscription today and find out why customers call us heroes.

How Does It Work?

Each month, we'll send an awesome new pair of socks straight to your door. And, because we're basically in love with socks here at Philosockphy Socks, we'll go out of our way to give you a little more than just any pair of socks. Our theme months will bring out your inner hero, whether it's self-confidence, leadership or simply being a good person and doing nice things for other people. We've even created special sock packs just for teachers and nurses so that they can start their school year off on the right foot (literally).

The Do's and Don'ts Of Buying Fancy Socks On Amazon

Amazon has become a one-stop shop for just about everything, including socks. A quick search and you can find anything from novelty holiday socks to graphic athletic socks that let everyone know which team you root for. You can find pretty much any type of sock on Amazon and it’s not all bad! Buying socks on Amazon is convenient and easy, but be careful: Make sure to do your research on brands before clicking buy. There are a lot of poorly made knockoffs out there and if you’re buying something like a sock subscription service, then it’s even more important that your socks don’t start falling apart after one or two wears.

Even More Reasons To Sign Up For Our Monthly Club!

Our sock of the month clubs are great, but that's not even why we're excited about them. We're more excited about what these monthly clubs can do for other people! Signing up for a sock subscription is a great gift to give to friends and family who love cool socks. You can also use your monthly sock club as an opportunity to experiment with different styles, brands, and new colors. Sometimes finding out what works best is trial and error - which is difficult when you only have one pair on hand. Other times, you realize that amazing socks are in every closet - why wouldn't we give our feet some variety? Whatever your reasoning is, don't forget to stock up on socks before signing up!