Why You Need a Sock Subscription in Your Life


Some people love new clothes but don’t have the time to shop. Some people hate shopping, but love nice clothes and accessories. If you fall into either category, then a sock subscription service might be just what you need!


10 Reasons why you should subscribe to socks

1. With the sock of the month club, you get a new pair of socks delivered every month. 2. The best sock subscription clubs will send you a new set of colorful socks every quarter. 3. There are so many awesome sock clubs, you're sure to find one that fits your style and needs perfectly! 4. These socks are the perfect gift for men! 5. If you're looking for some cool socks for men, then this is exactly what you need! 6. If they love crazy colors and fun colors, they'll love having these colorful socks delivered to them every month 7. Why not have funky dress socks delivered to your door each time? 8. Fun ankle socks are something everyone can enjoy 9.


3 Ways to use socks as an accessory

Socks are such an underrated accessory. We often forget about how much of an impact they can have on our outfits and mood when we wear them. They're not just something to keep your feet warm, socks are a fashion statement too! Here are three ways you can use socks as an accessory:
1) Fun color socks for men- Men's colorful ankle socks make for the perfect gift! If you're looking for something different and fun, go with some crazy color dress socks or funky crew socks. It's easy to find fun patterns that will match any guy's personality.


5 Tips for styling with socks

It's the small details that can make all the difference when it comes to dressing up. Add some extra flair with socks! But not just any socks - you'll want to find the best sock of the month club and get your hands on some fun mens ankle socks or colourful dress socks. Colourful dress socks are perfect for pairing with chinos or dark denim jeans.
1) Match your sock colour to your shoes for an easy way to add a pop of colour without making too much fuss. 2) If you're wearing a tie, accessorize with fun cool mens socks like Philosocks purple ankle socks. 3) Mix things up with mismatched styles, colours, and textures for an effortlessly cool look.


7 things to know when buying socks

1. Men's socks come in many colours and styles. Men's colourful socks are the perfect way to express your personality and dress up an outfit. Mens purple ankle socks are also a great option for work. 2. Gifts for men can be hard to find- but Philosockphy offers fun socks for men that make the perfect gift for any occasion! 3. Fun mens ankle socks, fun dress socks, best crew socks are all available from Philosockphy online or through their monthly sock subscription service - it's like giving him the gift of choice every month! 4. The best place to buy womens purple ankle socks is at Philosockphy because they have women's colourful sock options that most other stores just don't carry (like turquoise). 5.