Why the Sock of the Month Club is Making a Comeback

Why the sock of the month Club is Making a Comeback

Your sock drawer probably looks like this: lots of socks, but all pretty much the same. If you want to spruce it up and add some fun, interesting, and thoughtful socks that you’ll actually want to wear, you might want to consider joining a sock of the month club. When you choose to do so, you can look forward to not just one pair of socks every month, but several different pairs based on the themes that appeal to you each season or month.

What is a sock subscription?

A sock subscription service isn’t a new concept. In fact, back in 1917, you could get socks sent to your door every month from an organization called Socks for Soldiers during World War I. Fast forward 100 years and our sock subscriptions are much more fun than those ones were—and also, they're generally more practical. A modern-day sock of the month club sends customers great quality socks every month with all kinds of different styles and colors; think colorful cable-knit ones, printed argyles, cool prints or simply comfy cotton and wool blends. These type of subscription services keep subscribers up to date on new trends while providing them with something fun to look forward to each month!

Most popular sock subscription services.

For years, companies like Stance and Bombas have given men and women an easy way to get their cool socks each month. These days, however, more and more sock subscription services are popping up for both sexes. From socks that do great things for charity to extremely innovative designs (like thermal cooling sock technology), these services make getting new socks each month exciting again! Want to learn more about some of today's most popular sock subscription services? We've got you covered! For example, check out one service called KnitCrate in which subscribers not only get custom socks made specifically for them based on their style preferences but also knit goods every single month.

Benefits of getting socks at home.

Why are people so excited about getting cool socks delivered to their door each month? The truth is, sock subscription services provide benefits that go beyond just wearing and looking at funky socks. By getting socks in your mailbox monthly, you can build up your sock wardrobe while finding comfortable, quality pairs to wear all season long. And if you have that one friend who never wears anything but flip-flops (come on!), now you can find some nice warm socks for them too. The bottom line? You get fun styles, lots of colors and patterns to choose from, and endless ways to add new items to your sock drawer.

Useful features in subscriptions from brands.

More than ever, it's important to avoid showing up at a friend's house empty-handed. Everyone has cool socks now, but who wants boring socks in their sock drawer? With all of these monthly subscriptions that allow you to send cool socks and let them do all of your shopping for you, you don't even have to go out and get them yourself! Having two or three pairs sent to your door every month makes sure that your sock drawer never looks sad—you'll be reminded of how awesome sock-of-the-month clubs are every time you see a new pair waiting for you.

Examples of sock subscriptions from big brands.

The sock of the month Club (Socks So Good) sends you one pair of custom-made socks every month. What makes these so good? They’re hand-picked to match your tastes, guaranteed to be fun and different, and (of course) they’re comfy as hell. Try sock-subscription services like SoxBox or Stance

Choosing the right monthly sock subscription service.

The socks that people wear every day are incredibly important because they protect our feet from germs, bacteria, and viruses. If you’re looking for cool socks or sock subscription services, it’s important to choose carefully so you can ensure that your feet stay healthy. Choosing to wear an uncomfortable pair of socks each day could cause blisters and painful rubbing which can lead to other more serious problems. However, if you decide to try out a sock subscription service, don’t just choose one on price alone—you want something that will provide you with high-quality products at low prices instead.