Who Needs a Sock of the Month Subscription? Here's 8 Reasons Why You'll Love It

Where can you find cool socks like these? You can get them directly from Philosockphy by signing up for their sock of the month subscription service! Every month, Philosockphy will deliver a different pair of super soft socks to your door. They have great prices, and they have socks that appeal to all kinds of tastes, so you’re sure to love every single pair they send you! Check out these eight great reasons why you’ll love having Philosockphy ship you a new pair of socks every month!

1) An Unexpectedly Great Gift
Philosockphy socks are cool socks, but they’re also so much more than that. If you want to surprise your mom, dad, or someone else special in your life with an awesome gift, look no further. Our unique sock subscriptions come with zero shipping costs and will last for twelve months (if you’re not sure if our subscription is right for them, check out our reviews). These socks aren’t just great on their own; we offer two add-on options: embroidery or monogramming! The gift of wonderful socks has never been easier. But don’t take our word for it; see what people are saying about us online. Browse through some of our customer reviews—we can assure you that when it comes to happy customers, we have plenty. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself or someone else today by ordering one of our sock subscriptions and adding extra touches like personalization while they last! Are socks really worth all this hype? They definitely are. Once you try them, there’s nothing you won’t love about owning a pair of these sweet socks. Check out our 100% money back guarantee, too—our feet (pun intended) we have done our homework on these socks; now it’s up to you to do yours. Go ahead and purchase a sock subscription from us risk-free!
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2) A Personalized Gift That Says I Care
There’s nothing worse than receiving an impersonal gift. Give people a gift that shows you know and understand them by getting them socks personalized with their name, or photos of things they love, like football team logos, brands they wear all over (think: Abercrombie & Fitch), or even something as simple as their initials. The result is not only a one-of-a-kind item that shows how well you know your recipient, but it could also be just what he or she needs to kickstart his new year. Custom socks are unique enough for any occasion; whether it’s for your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, your sister for her birthday, or just to let someone know how much you care about him/her on a random Tuesday morning. You can get your giftee a 3-month sock subscription ($24) or 6 months ($48). Each month, subscribers will receive 2 pairs of custom socks worth $12 each. Want more reasons why you should subscribe to Philosockphy? Check out some creative ways to buy custom socks here! Are you a sock fanatic looking for fantastic kicks? Look no further – we have brand-new styles available now including Vans and WWE wrestling characters...and they're oh so cozy! That's right, wrestler fans – now you can walk around in Bruce Lesnar or CM Punk style while still keeping warm thanks to our JBL socks line. These cotton crew socks feature special printed designs on top - so when people ask where you got your amazing footwear, tell them Philosockphy!

3) Fashionable Style For Every Season
In today’s fast-paced world, most men just aren’t willing to spend much time or money on their appearance. And we get it! We are all very busy! But how can you expect to live up to your full potential and reach success when you aren’t even looking or feeling your best? Thankfully, Philosocks is here to save the day. At Philosocks, we make it easy for any man to look his best at all times. Whether he needs cool socks for a job interview, stylish ankle socks for happy hour with friends, or eye-catching dress socks to pair with his favorite suit, our subscription service makes sure that every man always has fashionable style in his wardrobe. Each month, you will receive two pairs of must-have stylish men’s ankle socks that complement each other perfectly; right now we offer 4 unique sock subscriptions so there’s something perfect for every occasion! If you don’t like what you receive, then simply return them and select a new pair! Best of all, as an official Philosocks VIP member ($29/month), you get 20% off everything else in our store (including some big savings on gift packs!), which means that your sock subscription actually pays for itself many times over. So why not join us today? All it takes is one click. Our modern subscription platform helps provide quick and effortless checkout, so you can literally sign up in seconds. Don’t let another season go by where you feel mediocre about your style – be inspired by fashion instead!

4) Always Something New to Look Forward To
As you can see, sock subscription services are growing in popularity—and they make a fantastic gift. Each month brings something new to look forward to, and we’re all familiar with that feeling of excitement as we get ready for a first date or look forward to celebrating one more year with friends. A sock subscription service is like having something fun to look forward to each month—without any special occasion needed! This also makes it easy to find a gift for even your most difficult-to-shop-for friend. Consider giving them a monthly surprise instead of another candy bar or bag of coffee beans they’ll never eat (or drink) anyways. Who needs another boring food item when you could be looking forward to next month’s sock offering instead? Take your pick from anything below Of course, what better way to wear these cool socks than by pairing them with a pair of [insert name here] philosophy socks : black. All those pictures of penguins have got us thinking that penguins would probably choose philosophy over punk if given an option—at least on their feet. Pair up with a leather jacket, aviator sunglasses and some thongs: The biker chick/punk gentleman look has never been more true. There’s no other statement out there today—no matter how loud–that says I don’t care what you think of me. I’m going to do me while rocking my favorite style. True story: rocker chic originates with punks, not hipsters. There isn't anyone who doesn't love Free stuff! You get two pairs per month which means two awesome socks delivered right to your door each month for just $15 + shipping.

5) A Sense of Fulfillment at the End of Each Month
This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons for subscribing to sock-of-the-month clubs. When you feel that sense of fulfillment in having purchased at least one pair of socks each month, it’s like you get your monthly dose of retail therapy. The best part is that you don’t have to buy anything more than just socks for yourself! These subscription boxes let you treat yourself every month with little or no guilt attached to it! Who doesn’t love feeling good about what they spend their money on once in a while? If you’re sick and tired of stressing over all those bills, sock subscriptions are as good an excuse as any for some well-deserved retail therapy! Enjoy Yourself: If you have loved ones who live far away from home and don’t visit often, consider sending them these gift packages instead. They’ll enjoy getting something from you in the mail and will look forward to seeing if there are any other surprises along with their socks each month. Sure beats greeting cards! Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh: Wearing worn out socks isn’t cool under any circumstances. While you may think changing into fresh socks everyday isn’t such a big deal, remember – people judge you by how you present yourself.

6) Quality Socks That Won't Fall Apart
One of my pet peeves is when my socks fall apart in less than 6 months. I don't know about you, but when I pay for something, I want it to last. Philosophy Socks are made from high-quality materials and have reinforced toe and heel areas to make sure they last as long as possible. Plus, there's no need to worry about stitching coming loose because that has been thoughtfully reinforced as well! Philosophy Socks also come with their own special lifetime guarantee - so if your socks do ever fail, return them and get them replaced.
I've got big feet: If you're like me then you've had experience with sock companies that simply couldn't seem to get your size right. Whether too short or too tight around your toes, my experience was one of constantly ripping out seams to try and remedy these issues... only to end up buying another pair within weeks due to holes developing anyway. Philosophy has nailed sizing on their socks - they’re long enough, they’re wide enough, and they don't fall apart in 2 months. We can all breathe a sigh of relief together! Quick Delivery: Another pet peeve is waiting weeks for something you ordered online. In today's fast-paced world, every second counts. When it comes to ordering socks through philosophy, you have plenty of options at your fingertips. If a particular month seems stacked full of awesome sock designs (because it is), make sure you order early so you have time to receive them before they sell out!

7) Everyday is Casual Friday with These Cool Funky Socks
Who doesn’t like getting new socks in their monthly sock subscription? If you are like me, your toes are always cold. Since I’ve started my sock subscription, I haven’t had to deal with cold toes on a daily basis. My favorite part about these cool funky socks is that they are from a business that is based in Colorado. This means that these companies pay taxes just like any other business would and help generate revenue for our state! This also keeps our businesses thriving locally which helps us keep more jobs within our area! There are so many reasons why sock subscriptions are beneficial for everyone no matter what style or color socks you want each month. What do you think? Would you be interested in joining a sock of the month club? Leave me a comment below on how often you change your socks because I’m curious if it’s similar to how often I change mine. Or better yet, leave me a suggestion on what kind of socks or color socks you think would make an awesome sock every month! Are there any socks out there that make sound when stomping around?! Haha! Sound off below! These socks feel good and they look great: Every time I get new socks in my sock of the month box, I wonder How did they know these were going to fit perfectly? These Philosookphy socks actually stretch just enough where I don’t feel uncomfortable pulling them up over my shoes but still feels snug enough where it won’t come off during activity.

8) These Awesome Graphic Socks Will Elevate Your Entire Outfit
Want to kick things up a notch when it comes to your outfits? Want to give your wardrobe that extra oomph you’ve been searching for all along? If so, you should think about adding graphic socks into your life. They’re incredibly fashionable and will elevate any outfit. No matter what look you’re going for, from smart casual to streetwear, there are options out there for every style of fashion-forward person. And just wait until you see some of these epic picks! Gaining immense popularity in recent years, graphic socks have now found their way onto almost everyone’s foot (in one form or another) at one point or another; they’re not just limited to sports and athletic use anymore, but can be incorporated into our daily wear with ease. So if you want to add an extra kick to your everyday vibe, here are seven reasons why you need a sock of the month subscription: 1: Variety: A sock of the month subscription is always guaranteed variety. With different companies offering different themes and concepts, each month is sure to bring something new and exciting—and sometimes even humorous—to your closet. Get your socks delivered monthly and never worry about having matching pairs again! 2: Affordable Luxury: While having matching socks might seem like a luxury, it isn’t usually within reach for many people. But with a sock of the month club, you can get them delivered right to your door without breaking bank on designer brands—the best part being that you don’t have to know how much each pair cost until after everything arrives at your door.