Which Sock Subscription Is the Perfect Gift for Your Father?

Which Sock Subscription Is the Perfect Gift for Your Father?

Socks are the unsung heroes of any wardrobe; they’re on your feet all day, every day, and when you’re wearing some of these cool socks, they look pretty darn good too! If you have someone on your gift list who’s hard to shop for – or just needs new socks in general – sock subscriptions are the way to go. But which one is right for him? This Ultimate List of Sock Subscriptions will help you find out.

Happy Socks

These subscription boxes can be found in department stores, specialty stores and online. Happy Socks is a good choice because you can tailor it to what your father likes; for example, there are options like Rock N’ Roll or Basic Black. The average price point is about $15 per month. This option would appeal to those men who take pride in their fashion sense and like wearing designer socks with their suits and ties. If that sounds like your dad, then Happy Socks is an excellent choice of sock subscriptions.


What makes Kiviks stand out from their sock subscription competitors is that they’re simply selling socks; no marketing or advertising gimmicks. At $5 a month, it’s an affordable and easy way to impress your father on Father’s Day and beyond. You could purchase him a nice book or maybe even tickets to a ball game—but what are you really saying when you do that? I mean, sure, books and baseball games are cool. But there’s something about buying your dad a pair of socks that says I care about you, old man! And I want to keep your feet dry! The benefits of socks far outweigh any perceived downside—especially considering how few pairs of decent socks men seem to own anyway.


Don’t let cold feet get you down. Bombas has brought in over $600,000 from socks sales alone and over 2 million pairs of socks sold to date. For every pair of socks purchased, a pair is donated to someone in need. And with every order, their shipping is free worldwide! The company makes fun patterns that can be worn with business attire or jeans so your gifts won’t look like generic pairs of crew-cut athletic socks. They also come in different sizes and can be purchased as a gift card if you need an idea but are short on time.


When it comes to socks, comfort is key. Allbirds is a shoe company that offers two types of sock subscriptions: one with their most popular shoes and one with socks. Each shipment contains three pairs of shoes and three pairs of socks, all made from Parley Ocean Plastic so you can wear your toes in style without worrying about destroying our environment!


As a gift, socks will always be loved. But what is your father’s style? What kind of socks does he wear now that you could replace with cool socks from one of these sock subscriptions. What makes each sock subscription unique, and which one would you pick to give to him on his birthday or holiday season? What else could you include in a gift box with his new sock subscription? How can he show off his brand new cool socks as often as possible so people know he's got it going on. Let us know in your comment! We look forward to hearing from you!

My Cotton Bunny

If your dad is a practical guy, you might want to consider My Cotton Bunny. My Cotton Bunny offers cute and comfortable socks that are made out of natural materials—and they smell great too! Think of it as a subscription to premium wool socks. Available in any number of styles and prints, these socks should become your new go-to pair on cold days. In addition to its sleek selection of cool socks, My Cotton Bunny donates 10% of every purchase toward charities that help children and families with cancer. A worthy cause!


While some sock-of-the-month clubs are known to be a bit on the corny side, Sojos is different: it delivers high-quality socks designed to keep your dogs happy and healthy. The wide selection of socks, which are made in America, feature patterns that dog owners and non-dog owners alike will appreciate. And as an added bonus, 10 percent of Sojos’ profits go toward helping homeless dogs! Note: if you’re looking for something especially unique—maybe even bacon scented—check out Bacon Box by Joshua Ovenshire. It features four pair of fun bacon themed socks that both you and your pooch will love!

My Owl Post

I’ve been wearing socks of all sorts since I was a kid, and over time I have found myself receiving fewer and fewer fun pairs as gifts. This year, give your dad something special that he won’t buy himself: treat him to a subscription! We found three unique sock-of-the-month clubs that we think your father would love to get – you may even want to sign up yourself! For additional ideas on how to show your father you care, take a look at our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide. At My Owl Post we take care of everything so all you have to do is choose when you want us to send them out each month.