What's your preference? Dry socks in the dryer or line-dried?

What's your preference? Dry socks in the dryer or line-dried?

You may have heard of sock of the month clubs, monthly subscriptions that deliver interesting and fun pairs of socks directly to your doorstep each month. The idea behind sock subscriptions is simple: you get to enjoy different, high-quality socks on a regular basis with little effort or cost on your part.

Philosophy of Tumble Drying

Hanging clothes on a clothesline is an important part of my lifestyle. The sun, fresh air and exercise inherent in hanging laundry is part of what makes it so great. But there are problems with hanging laundry: socks for example. Socks are thin, lightweight and just not well suited to being hung out to dry. In fact, I've ruined many a sock over time by trying to hang them up when they were too wet from washing. Then one day I saw an infomercial for sock subscription services that promised to solve all my problems. (Source)

sock of the month Club

Philosockphy aside, you can subscribe to a sock of the month club where you’ll receive one pair of socks per month. The total cost for these subscriptions varies from $20 to $30 and sometimes even include specialty socks. Plus, if you ever forget about your subscription, there’s no need to worry; sock clubs will automatically bill you every month (or however often) for as long as you want to be part of their program. What could be easier? This is one startup that isn’t going away anytime soon.

5 Best Sock Subscription Boxes

5 The most popular sock subscription boxes offer customers a way to get premium socks on a regular basis. They include brands such as Happy Socks, Stance and Bombas, which are known for their colorful styles and unique patterns. Subscription boxes provide customers with high-quality products that they would not normally buy themselves, which saves them time and money while giving them access to new brands at an affordable price. If you like getting socks as gifts but don't want to invest in individual pairs of socks you won't wear regularly, consider signing up for one of these five sock subscription services.

Philosockphy – Business Name Idea

Starting a business with nothing but an idea is daunting. One thing that makes it easier is to have a memorable name. If you decide to start your own company, but haven’t yet decided on a name, maybe you should get one that really represents what you believe in. If I were going to start my own company, for example, I might call it Philosockphy because everything I believe about sock socks and philosophy. But that’s just me.