What's your preference? Dry socks in the dryer or line-dried?

What's your preference? Dry socks in the dryer or line-dried?

How do you prefer to dry your socks? After washing them in the washing machine, do you prefer to tumble dry them in the dryer, or line-dry them on the clothesline? It’s a question of preference and philosophy, really, because how you dry your socks can tell people more about you than you might think. Find out what it all means, here!

Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month: Does it really make sense?

A sock subscription is a great gift for someone who is hard to shop for. And, if you’re planning on getting socks each month as a treat for yourself, sock subscriptions are a great way to save time. But be careful—you may spend more money than you’re saving. If you typically buy a dozen pairs of nice socks at once, you could end up spending far more than what they charge per pair. On top of that, those cute little socks don’t seem so cute when they start pilling or stinking... and it takes them weeks to get there! So next time you’re planning on buying some new socks, go ahead and pick out your favorite pair instead of subscribing to some service.

Do you know Philosockphy?

Philosockphy (noun) - A belief that philosophy can solve most of life’s problems, if it’s made into a sock subscription and mailed to you monthly. Philosockphy is behind a new and unique sock subscription service called Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month (SOM). Offered at three price points, $9.99, $19.99 and $29.99 ($24 value), SOM delivers high quality socks from around the world every month with additional details about culture and people who make them written on cards inside each pair. Socks are delivered via mail which allows for all orders to be sent out within two business days instead of forcing sock lovers to subscribe for bulk shipments like many other sock companies do at much higher prices than SOM charges.

Let’s sum up!

While each situation is different, there are pros and cons to each method. Philosophically, it’s interesting to note that people tend to argue on both sides of which method of sock drying is better: line dried or tumble dried. So what’s your preference when it comes to drying socks? If you prefer one method over another, please share with us why. While we have no intention of getting into a heated debate about which is better, we would love for you to weigh in on what makes each option appealing. Do you agree with our description of each methodology for drying socks? We invite you to subscribe for our Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month service; as an added bonus—we'll throw in a pair of laundry drying balls.