What's the Best Sock of the Month Club to Join?

What's the Best sock of the month Club to Join?

Have you ever wondered what the best sock of the month club would be? sock subscription services are on the rise, and more and more people are discovering the joys of getting new socks in the mail every month. This can bring some challenges with it, though, such as deciding which sock of the month club to join or wondering what to do with all these extra pairs of socks! That’s why we put together this handy list of some of the best sock clubs around and detailed what makes each one special!



cool socks are a lot more fun when you have some variety in your life. The best sock of the month club is a service that allows you to have new, unique and colorful socks delivered right to your door on a monthly basis. Whether you're looking for funky men's ankle socks or just want some mens ankle socks that are different from what everyone else wears, these sock subscriptions come with over 10 different styles that will be sure to delight anyone who receives them as a gift. From crew socks in fun colors and patterns to crazy color dress socks, there is something for everyone no matter what their taste in style may be!


Pros and Cons

You have so many options for a sock of the month club that it can be hard to choose. If you are looking for colorful, fun socks, then Mensuas has got you covered with their cool socks for men and fun men's ankle socks. They also have crazy color dress socks and fun dress socks for when you need something a little fancier. They don't stop there though, Mensuas has funky ankle socks too!
For those who prefer more practical, but still colorful options there are lots of choices including Socksmiths' best crew sock subscription which includes both ankle and over-the-calf styles in a variety of colors. Their best sock of the month club is reasonably priced as well with prices starting at $8 per pair including shipping.


The Verdict

sock of the month is a monthly sock subscription service that sends awesome socks from a different company each month. There are two plans: one for men and one for women. The man plan costs $9.99 per month and has 5 pairs of cool socks, while the woman plan is $14.99 per month and has 3 pairs of fun dress socks and 3 pairs of funky colored ankle socks. To try it out, sign up for your first month!