What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks

In case you need some help with pairing your socks and tie, we’ve made it easy with this handy guide. All you have to do is follow our guidance below, and you’ll never go wrong again! It’s so simple even a fashion beginner can pull it off effortlessly. Ready? Let’s start by looking at the most basic type of tie: the striped tie. This type of tie goes well with any sock combination, but if you want to be more specific about your look, here are some guidelines that will help you out.

Matching Tie Colors to Sock Colors
A Step-by-Step Guide : If you wear dress socks with your ties (which, if you don’t wear a tie every day is actually a pretty good idea), it’s important to make sure that they aren’t competing for attention or distracting from your look. To ensure a strong pairing between your tie and socks, follow these three steps First, find out what color family you’re dealing with—stripes, solids, etc. Next, determine whether there are any patterns involved; try checking in multiple lights if necessary. Finally, check how closely you can match your socks to each other and your tie based on those colors. The more similar they can be while still being distinct enough not to clash, the stronger of a combination you have on hand. Note: Don’t rely entirely on color matching when picking out socks; depending on thickness of stripes/solids/patterns/etc., textures may play just as big of a role in determining which combinations work together. When assessing a style in person, turn it over to see if there are any thin lines on a dark sock or bold colors around bottom cuff lines—these will appear larger than you might expect. Also, keep in mind that some patterns do need extra contrast to show off their full potential; but we’ll tackle all of that later...

Which Type of Man Are You?
Okay, so what does your tie say about you? After all, it’s not just a fashion accessory: It’s a powerful communicator that can say more about your personality than you think. That’s why we thought we’d take things up a notch and make your accessories do some of the talking. As it turns out, there are many different kinds of socks in a man’s wardrobe—and as GQ reports, each one says something different about you. So which one are you? Let’s find out! (Want to get started matching socks with your ties today? Be sure to check out men's cool socks from JackThreads.) So, Which Type of Man Are You?: Those Rockin’ Anchor Socks One type of socks to rule them all is always worth calling out on its own: Daring details such as unusual heel patches or visual accents create an anchor for everything else in your outfit. Go bold by wearing these colorful anchors from JUMP with a simple gray suit . . . like Tom Hiddleston here at The Avengers premiere. This anchor-style match was seen at Bonpoint.

Color Matching for Dress Shirts and Ties
We’ve all heard of women who coordinate their shoes and handbags for every outfit, but have you ever considered matching your socks and tie? By matching socks with your tie you’ll create a pleasing visual that will show off your style at any meeting or business function. From classics like navy blue or stripes to pairs that are more fun and funky such as polka dots or argyle print designs, there is something for everyone. Matching socks and ties is simple, though we do recommend keeping in mind color-blocking when pairing them up (i.e., don’t wear green socks with an orange tie). These tips can help you start building out your own signature look!
Let's Talk Color Palettes: The most common approach people take when wearing dress shirts, ties, and dress pants/slacks is to wear different shades within one color family. That’s perfectly fine if you’re happy with that look; however, you can do a lot more with your wardrobe by using complementary colors or pairing up varying tones from opposing sides of the color wheel. Matching socks with your tie will help take your look to a whole new level! For example, here we see two great examples of what happens when you pair contrasting colors together: (1) pink socks with a purple tie and (2) blue socks with a red-orange tie. Try any color combination for yourself and be sure to tell us about it in comments below!
When it comes time to plan your next big meeting or business function, consider taking some time beforehand to browse through some great looking sock & underwear subscriptions as well as unique clothing items from around the web.

Lighter Colored Shirts and Ties
When it comes to socks and ties for men who want to be bold in their style choices, a lighter colored shirt is going to pair better with a darker sock or tie. A dark colored shirt will make it difficult for your socks and tie combination to really pop. Not only that, but you’ll end up looking more formal than you might have intended. Try opting for white socks and a dark suit jacket with navy blue pants paired with a navy blue tie—you’ll look sharp without feeling overdressed. If you don’t mind standing out from everyone else in suits at work, try an orange sock and tie combination. If your office allows for casual Fridays, there are tons of fun colors like lavender and purple socks that complement your favorite ties just as well! If you need ideas on matching socks with different shirts and ties, go check out our Matching App here . It will help guide you to some great combos!

Darker Colored Shirts and Ties
If you are wearing a tie that is black or navy in color and your socks are similarly dark colored then you’re mixing formal with casual. It’s usually best to err on the side of caution when it comes to mixing casual and dressy as it can look slightly unprofessional; however, it can look incredibly cool if you mix a darker shirt with light colored shoes and belt. This works especially well for suits (i.e., Italian pinstripe). Consider something from Zara or H&M for an affordable take on something more formal looking. But not too formal – remember rule #1: cool socks. Black socks with a suit looks like business attire at best. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Save those for dates only.

Striped Socks
Enjoy Life and Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously: If you’re wearing stripes, you probably want others to think of you as an original thinker—you’re often trying new things in life and aren’t afraid of change. Stripes are cool socks for people who aren’t trying too hard to fit in with a particular crowd. Pair them with your favorite cool tie! The skinny striped socks may seem too formal for everyday wear, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Wear fun colored socks from Sock Panda on days when you need a boost of confidence; color therapy is real and striped socks can help brighten your day (and maybe even make you more productive!).
I'm My Own Boss Now! Stripe-lovers are often innovators and risk-takers—the kind of people who tend to succeed when they take a chance. Stripes are also cool socks for entrepreneurs, who don’t want to be tied down by a 9-to-5 job and want to pursue their own dreams instead.

Patterned and Striped Ties
For bold style and attention-grabbing designs, patterned and striped ties are a go-to choice. These statement pieces pair well with socks that are equally as bold. Rich patterns like paisley, herringbone and houndstooth patterns are easy ways to match your socks with your tie—just stick with similar tones or shades. Think you can handle more than one print? Pair stripes with argyle, plaids and polka dots for a look that’s just as stylish as it is comfortable. Bold polka dots aren’t for everyone, but if you have confidence in your personal style then by all means give it a try! Mixing together contrasting prints will showcase your playful side while maintaining an air of sophistication. #SockSwag Style Tip: In order to pull off these bold looks, make sure you’re confident in your style choices and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. The last thing you want is to draw more attention because people don’t know what to think about your socks and tie combination. Choosing patterns and styles that complement each other allows others to enjoy the subtle intricacies rather than having them focus on mismatched details.