What Will Your Sock Say? Get a Quote with Philosockphy Socks Subscription


With this pair of socks, there’s no question about what’s on your mind. Philosockphy Socks not only offers colorful and humorous designs, but it also gives you the opportunity to change your sock quote every month with a subscription service that lets you choose from over fifty different designs and pick one that matches your mood and personality each month (starting at $12/month). Give them as gifts, or set aside some time to treat yourself to something special this month—you deserve it!


Appreciate your strong side

Don't be afraid to show off your strong side. With Philosockphy, you can get socks for any occasion and express yourself in your own way. Their socks are designed for men of all walks of life and are perfect for gifting because they're affordable and fun. Choose from funky colors or have an ongoing subscription that sends you new pairs each month. It's like having your very own sock library.
Do you love the color purple? You'll be glad to know that their purple mens ankle socks are one of the most popular items on their site! And if bright colors aren't your thing, they also offer black dress socks as well as gray crew socks.


The subscription box includes...

Philosophy Socks is the first and only sock subscription service for men. It's the best sock of the month club, it's the most fun socks for men, and it's a cool sock subscription. With three different types of subscriptions to choose from, you're bound to find a perfect pair of socks that are just right for you!


If you are not happy with your socks...

You get a new pair of socks delivered every month. You never know what to expect, but you're always excited to see what crazy colors will show up on your doorstep. It's like Christmas for your feet! Of course, not all socks are created equally. The fabric and quality will vary from company to company. But at least when you subscribe, you'll always have the opportunity to rate the sock that just arrived in your mailbox and let them know whether they need to make any adjustments or not. If they don't take care of you as a customer, it's time to start looking elsewhere because there are plenty of subscription sock companies out there who do!


Frequently Asked Questions

- What size socks do you offer? We offer the following sizes: Women's 5-10 and Men's 5-14.
- How often do I get a new sock shipment in my subscription box? You'll receive your first shipment on the first of each month! Then, every other month after that.
- Can I change the color of my socks or cancel anytime without having to worry about an extra charge or hassles with returning unwanted packages? Absolutely. Not feeling the fun purple ankle socks in this month's shipment, no problem! Just log in and change it right away, up until 9pm ET on Monday night! No commitments here!



I bought these socks for my husband as a Christmas present and he absolutely loves them. He has dress socks, crazy color dress socks, and cool mens socks. He gets excited every time he sees the package in the mailbox.
My boyfriend loves his subscription to Philosockphy Socks! He says it's the best sock subscription ever because they have so many colors and fun patterns.
I'm not just saying this because I work there, but this is honestly one of the coolest companies I've seen in awhile. The colors are crazy, but they're awesome!
The cool crew that Philosophy sends me is always different, yet always amazing. I love the feeling of getting something new every month.