What is a sock of the month club?

What is a sock of the month club?

Did you know that the average person doesn’t wear all of their socks in any given year? The sock of the month club seeks to solve this problem by shipping you new socks every month, helping you complete your sock wardrobe so you never have to go without again. From $10 packages of socks to $30 pouches of socks, there’s something for everyone at Philosockphy, and everything ships straight to your door, so you don’t even have to leave your house to get them!

sock of the month Club: A Review

If you’re like me, you know that finding cute socks and then wearing them with everything can be hard to do. I have all sorts of colorful socks, but they only match my favorite colors (obviously). So when I heard about sock subscriptions – it was love at first sight. With several options out there for sock subscription services, it can be hard to choose one. Here are some things I love about Philosockphy

3 Reasons To Sign Up For sock of the month Clubs (And 3 Reasons Not To)

If you’re in search of fun, creative and unique gift ideas, sock subscriptions may be just what you’re looking for. Sock subscriptions are also known as sock of the month clubs. Both names have their pros and cons; however, no matter which way you say it, these gift ideas are great options for friends and family members who already have everything they need. The following three reasons will help explain why

Things To Consider Before Buying A Sock Subscription

sock of the month Clubs are popular. So much so that some people have even started their own! Whether you’re already thinking about purchasing one or just wondering what’s out there, here are a few things to consider before making your decision. If you can think it through, you might be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. (But if not, don’t worry—we sell everything listed below).

Terms You Should Know Before You Subscribe

Does one pair of new socks really make your day? Your week? Your year, even? If you are thinking of signing up for a sock-of-the-month club, there are some terms you should understand to make sure you get your money’s worth. Keep reading to learn more about these terminology, and be prepared with them when it comes time to unsubscribe from any sock subscription boxes.

Philosockphy by Sockbox

What is Sockbox? Sockbox calls itself a Philosockphy, which might sound like some kind of joke, but it isn't. Philosockphy—or philosophy + box—is simply defined as the study or love of all things relating to socks. In other words, it's pretty much exactly what you think: Sockbox takes care of your sock needs by making sure you're always stocked up with fresh, fun and colorful socks. What You Get When You Sign Up: Every two months (which are based on calendar months) you'll receive 6 pairs of fun and exciting men's or women's socks.

socks subscriptions in 2019 - Which Ones Are Worth It?

Subscription boxes are always a hot topic, whether they’re filled with food or beauty products. There’s one type of subscription box that you may not have heard about yet: Sock Subscriptions. Maybe you wear socks all year round, maybe your feet are already warm enough on their own – whatever your reason, there might be some amazing subscription boxes out there that are just waiting for you to try them out. This post will help you sort through all those options so you can find just what you need – and what could be fun to receive! We'll talk about why people love these types of subscriptions, as well as any sock subscriptions worth checking out in 2019! **Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links - read more here**

15+ Footwear Subscription Boxes for Men and Women (Who Love Great Socks!)

Of all your wildest dreams, you never imagined there would be socks with pizza, bacon, and even dragons on them. Believe it or not, there’s no shortage of geeky (and weird) socks to keep your feet warm when you’re battling frostbite during these cold winter months. Read on for a rundown of 15-plus sock-of-the-month subscription boxes that are sure to satisfy every unique personality. Plus—many will also donate part of their proceeds to charity!