What is a sock of the month club?

What is a sock of the month club?

What is a sock of the month club? A sock of the month club is when a person or organization subscribes to receive one pair of socks from one or multiple pairs from multiple organizations every month for an entire year, every quarter, or even just once. If you’re looking for great corporate gifts, our sock of the month club may be perfect for you! We offer tons of different styles, prints, and lengths to fit your needs and make sure your employees are taken care of in their foot attire all year long!

Sock subscription history

A few years ago, people started to realise that it was harder than ever to buy gifts for their employees. People are becoming more hard to shop for, meaning that office gift budgets and options were shrinking. In response, many corporations have tried out sock of the month clubs as an alternative corporate gift idea. These clubs give members 12-18 pairs of bright, coloured socks each year (monthly or quarterly depending on your budget) from an assortment chosen by you or your company's head buyer. You can choose styles from all kinds of brands including solid colours, stripes and different materials. A yearly membership for someone in charge will start at about $250 CAD with shipping included but cheaper deals can be found if you know where to look!

Are sock subscriptions a good gift idea?

Some people have high taste when it comes to clothes. Others don’t. If you fall into that first group, your socks probably match your shirt; they don’t match your shoes and they certainly aren’t as colourful as you like them to be. If that sounds like you, then sock subscriptions are probably a good gift idea. That way, all year long you get to look forward to getting a package in the mail filled with colourful and interesting pairs of socks. You will never have to wonder what pair goes with which outfit—you just grab out of your ever-growing stack and wear away! Your business partner/ boss/ partner/ loved one/ dog will be happy too because he or she will never have to buy another pair for you again!

sock of the month Club Reviews

A sock of the month Club is an exclusive membership club that sends members socks and underwear every month for as long as they stay subscribed. There are many different options to choose from, depending on your specific wants and needs. While some clubs send out men’s underwear or women’s, others focus solely on either men or women. Typically, there are multiple items per package sent out by each subscription service; one pair of socks and one pair of underwear usually makes up one shipment. Some companies will include t-shirts or other random clothing items with their shipments as well, just to be nice! The best part about having a subscription like these is that it can be used year after year.

Other Subscription Options

If you like colorful socks, but don’t love them enough to receive 12 pairs a year, check out other subscription box services. There are similar services available for high-end men’s grooming products, toiletries and other fun gift ideas. To name just a few: Birchbox Man (men’s grooming), Bombfell (tailored menswear), Gentleman's Box (grooming and accessories) or Splitsider Men's Subscription Boxes.