Top 5 Socks of the Month Subscriptions

Top 5 Socks of the Month Subscriptions

How many pairs of socks do you have in your sock drawer? Would you believe that some people have over 100 pairs? As the popularity of sock of the month subscriptions has risen, more and more sock of the month companies have entered the market, making it harder to figure out which sock subscription to choose from. Here are our top 5 sock of the month subscriptions so you can start getting socks every month right away!

1) 3 Pairs or More

3 Pairs or More is, as it sounds, a sock-of-the-month club. You get 3 pairs of super high quality socks shipped to your door every month. With an emphasis on modern design and materials, you'll find their selection both fashionable and functional. Here's what makes 3 Pairs or More stand out from their competitors: not only do they have some of the coolest socks on Earth, but they also have a philanthropic side: for every pair purchased, 3 Pairs or More donates a pair to charity!

2) Stylish & Quality

Every subscription box is filled with a curated collection of socks that will stand out in any setting and fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Regardless if you’re having a romantic evening at home or attending an extravagant wedding, one pair from our collection will be sure to impress! What makes Philosockphy special is our attention to detail when it comes to both style and quality. We use only high-quality materials, provide personalized customer service and give back 1% of all sales to animal charities through our partnership with Pet Supplies Plus Animal Rescue Fund.

3) Designs That Last Longer

If you’re a fan of knee-high socks, we recommend getting a subscription to Philosockphy. They’ve got just about every design imaginable and it’s easy to browse through their selection. Whether you want animal prints or cool geometric patterns, Philosockphy has something for everyone. Plus, their designs tend to last longer than other companies because they’re made from quality cotton and polyester blends that don’t fade or lose shape as quickly as others. I personally like how thick these socks are; they actually keep my feet warm! They come in men's sizes from 8-15 with prices starting at $12/month, but first time subscribers get 10% off!

4) Customer Service

When choosing a sock subscription, you’ll want to consider which company is best equipped to handle your requests. Most companies offer 24-hour customer service and are usually happy to assist you with questions about their products. If a company does not have good customer service, it may be difficult for you to request help if something goes wrong with your shipment or if you have any additional questions about their product. You should also see what kind of shipping guarantee they provide because most companies will issue refunds or replacements if there is an error made during shipment. Read our reviews above for some insight into which companies are better than others when it comes to client satisfaction.

5) Check Out The Materials

If you have to wear socks, they should be made out of a soft material that feels nice against your skin. Everyone has their own preferences—softer materials will feel nicer than rougher stuff—but there are some brands that are just bad news no matter what. Stay away from really scratchy or thin socks (they can leave marks or even cause rashes on your feet) and try to find something that's comfortable right off the bat. If you're not sure about a brand, ask for recommendations from people you trust; it's best if they're people who've actually worn them (or would actually wear them). The more comfortable your socks are, the more likely you'll stick with your sock-of-the-month subscription.