Top 10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

Top 10 Unusual Sock Subscription Services You Should Know About

Let’s be honest, socks are an afterthought in most men’s wardrobe. After all, most people wear the same pair of black dress socks every day to work, and when they go out at night, they change into a different pair of black dress socks. And that’s it! But what if you could find the perfect sock subscription service to change all that?

10) Philosockphy

A fun, new way to show your philosophical attitude! Who would have thought that socks could be so provocative? Philosockphy is a philosophy-themed sock subscription service, featuring some of history’s greatest thinkers and philosophers (Socrates, Pythagoras, Marcus Aurelius). Each monthly package includes 4 pairs of high quality woolen socks which are fun for family and friends to guess. Available in US sizes 6 - 15 and men's sizes 7-13. $25 per month plus shipping (shipping is included with all subscription plans). Click here to learn more.

9) Snarky Tees

When it comes to subscription services, Snarky Tees is certainly a cut above. If you have an itch for something, send in your size and let them know what your interests are. Every month or so, you’ll get a new tee that tickles your funny bone just right. Whether it’s their infamous Why So Serious? t-shirt (featuring The Joker), a poke at hipsters with I Eat PBR For Breakfast or Our Meat Is Way Better Than Your Meat, they're sure to bring you a smile every time. In other words: they are definitely worth putting on your list of unusual sock subscription services. Check them out!

8) Pintuckettes

Want a sock of your own every month? Pintuckettes are for you. Pintuckettes are a sock of the month club that does it different than most other sock subscriptions; they offer 3-month subscriptions and you choose one of four themes. The socks are guaranteed to be fun, fanciful, fun and fanciful, or just totally absurd.

7) America's Socks Club

Is a monthly subscription service, dedicated to creating a unique sock of the month club experience that is both wonderful and wearable. With an emphasis on design, art, philosophy and imagination - as well as business, practicality and profitability - our mission is to make something fun out of life's everyday necessities. That means our socks are not only stylish; they're also comfortable and durable. We don't want you to feel guilty about wearing your socks for days in a row (though we do understand if you want to wash them...we won't tell anyone). In fact, we encourage it! Why buy one pair when you can subscribe for 6 months or a year? A new pair arrives at your doorstep each month with another terrific surprise inside: comics hidden in pockets! Books inside!

6) Brother Vellies

This sock subscription service offers a fresh, unique twist on your basic white cotton socks. Each month, Brother Vellies ships subscribers a pair of socks as well as other Philosockphy items like bookmarks or coasters. The goal is to not only create new sock designs each month but also bring attention to a different cause each season. For example, in winter 2015 (which started at the end of 2014), Brother Vellies partnered with No Kid Hungry, an organization that works to end childhood hunger in America. If you think socks are boring and want something more exciting and fun in your mail box every month, check out Brother Vellies!

5) Daily Darn

The Daily Darn was founded by two best friends—one a former CPA and one a philosophy major. The concept is simple: each month, you’ll receive three pairs of custom-made socks to your door for $19.99, with free shipping included. All socks are made in Italy from high-quality cotton and wool yarns and come in packages stamped with original art from local artists who have been featured on everything from Rolling Stone to Frank 151 Magazine. A great gift idea for people of all ages, The Daily Darn offers something different than your average sock subscription service—which can be enough to justify signing up even if you don’t wear socks often!

4) The Trend Hunter's Socks of the Month Club

The Trend Hunter's Socks of the Month Club is a sock subscription service that allows you to discover new socks, get them delivered right to your door and even offers a trade-in program for those who need to upgrade. The best part? For every club membership that's sold, they donate one pair of socks to youth in developing countries. Our reviewers found these socks strong enough for construction work (see full review here) and slightly less clunky than standard construction boots (see full review here). $9/month

3) All Things Cotton on Etsy

This shop offers a monthly sock subscription, where you get a new pair of sophisticated socks delivered to your door. Each pair is $18 and made from 100% cotton, offering comfort as well as style. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns, or opt for an unisex three-pack for $30 each month. A portion of proceeds go to support The Carousel Children's Foundation in Boston. If that doesn't sway you, perhaps knowing that all handmade socks will be donated to homeless shelters across New England will.

2) Foot Cardigan

With Foot Cardigan, you can subscribe to either five or ten pairs of socks that will be sent every other month. Just like with a box of fine wine, each pair is selected to complement one another. The men’s socks are available in three different weights: light (think crew), mid-weight (mid-calf) and heavy (thigh-high) and in five different materials: cotton, wool, nylon/polyester blend, microfiber or acrylic. It’s kind of like getting a new wardrobe for your feet. Want an extra pair? Just add $12 per sock to your subscription! Give them as gifts to ensure you always look sharp when walking around barefoot. Need a gift right now?

1) Snail Mail My Stocking

For anyone who loves to send mail and has a sense of humor, Snail Mail My Stocking is one service you’ll want to know about. Each month, Snail Mail My Stocking sends out up to five pairs of unique holiday-themed socks (frequently themed around specific holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving). Each pair includes two fuzzy pillows that are fun and silly. At $10 per month (with discounts for longer subscription terms), it’s a simple but fun way to get a stocking full of surprises each month.