Top 10 Stylish Ways to Wear Socks

Top 10 Stylish Ways to Wear Socks

1. sock of the month Clubs // Some sock of the month clubs will send you several pairs every month while others will only send you one pair every now and then. If you subscribe to several sock of the month clubs, you’ll never run out of socks and will always have something fun to wear with your everyday outfits. Plus, socks make great stocking stuffers so signing up for multiple sock of the month clubs makes the perfect gift idea for other people on your list!

The Top 3 Classic Styles

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Crew- socks are a classic style that is great for formal occasions. If you don’t want your socks to show when wearing shoes like sneakers or flats, these are a good style choice. However, they can sometimes be uncomfortable if worn all day long without shoe breaks. There is also no variation in color or pattern with crew-socks so if you find yourself wanting different colored socks for each outfit than these aren’t for you.

2) Rolled

Sticking with a classic and clean look is sure to help you standout. Roll up your ankle socks a couple of times, but not so many that they’re overly thick. A good rule of thumb is two rolls up, though it’s up to you how thin or thick you want them. Rolling your socks will give them a more subtle look while still adding color, texture and fashion forward style without sacrificing comfort. Whether you want to pair your rolled socks with jeans or slacks, it doesn’t matter; these types of looks are wearable in any situation whether formal or casual. The best part about rolled socks is that once you get started rolling them, there’s no going back—they're addicting!

3) Over the Knee

Take a walk on the wild side and show off your sexy gams in knee-high socks with heels. Over-the-knee socks look great with skinny jeans, but can be just as stylish when paired with short shorts or even under dresses and skirts. Just make sure you have a couple sets of over-the-knee socks in different colors and styles so you’re never caught without a pair. You can also wear two or three pairs on top of each other for added length—and a little bit of extra warmth in winter.

4) With Shoes

Most men tend to wear their socks with shoes, but socks can be great accessories even when they aren’t covering your feet. For example, wearing a pair of socks that are shorter than your pants is a way of showing off some stylish ankle while adding an interesting detail to an otherwise dull outfit. Even if you’re not wearing them with shoes, showing off those long and luscious legs is a great way to give your look that extra edge it needs. Another thing you can do is wear a pair of crew socks under dressier clothes. Let’s face it: No one looks good in dress slacks without at least a little sock peeking out from underneath.

5) Sneakers

Sneakers are a great way to wear socks without being too obvious about it. Sneakers are often made with materials that make them highly versatile; suede sneakers can easily be worn with a chino pant, while plimsolls can pair well with an Oxford shirt and some raw denim. The best part? Sneakers have very little in common with traditional socks, making them easy (and stylish) to pull off. If you're not sure how formal your sneakers need to be for your outfit, go by color—solid-colored sneakers make for a good litmus test of when you might want socks vs. when you don't want socks.

6) Boots

The key to wearing socks with boots is to choose a sock that matches your boot's material. For example, a synthetic or wool sock would be a better choice for boots made of leather. Another tip is that if you're going for an ankle-high boot, you'll want slightly thicker socks. Alternatively, if you wear mid-calf boots and want your socks to be visible, try going with thinner fabric so they won't bunch up in your boots.

7) Heels

If you’re worried about your socks being visible, opt for a pair of heels instead of flats. Heels make legs look longer, which will help distract from any short ankles peeking out from under your pants. The best part? No one will even notice—or if they do, they’ll probably just think you spent extra time on your outfit. It might seem like an odd solution but hear us out: When worn with closed-toe shoes or boots and folded down just enough to cover your ankle bone, knee-high socks can be pretty stylish.

8) Lace Up Shoes

Lace up shoes are trendy and versatile. When you wear a pair of lace up dress shoes, make sure your socks are long enough to cover your ankles. It’s fashion faux pas to show off too much of your skin. If you’re trying to keep things casual, you can add a pop of color with high top sneakers. On days when you want to look really formal, polish it off with a well-pressed suit and tie. Your feet will thank you!

9) Brogues/Dress Shoes

When you’re wearing a more formal outfit and looking for something simple, try a pair of classic, brogue dress shoes. Brogues are characterized by intricate perforations or holes, which add an interesting visual detail without being overly fussy. Dress them up with suits or chinos; just make sure you keep everything else toned down so that your brogues don’t end up stealing attention from your outfit.

10) Belts

Long before they became a defining fashion staple of hip-hop culture, belts were used as a status symbol by both commoners and royalty. Kings wore special long golden belts to denote their rank; Louis XIV even passed down his Girdle of Joy through generations of French monarchs. In Ancient Greece, men wore ornate silver belts as proof of their citizenship. Though gold and silver may no longer be in vogue, men’s belts are still considered an essential accessory—but only if you know how to wear them right! Here are ten stylish ways to show off your belt