Top 10 Gifts Ideas for the Sock Lover in Your Life

Top 10 Gifts Ideas for the Sock Lover in Your Life

An often overlooked accessory, socks can be a very thoughtful gift to give someone who loves them. After all, who doesn’t love getting new socks? In fact, many sock-lovers get excited about receiving a sock of the month subscription or other sock-of-the-month club membership every year! To help you figure out what sort of gift to give the sock lover in your life, we’ve created this list of 10 awesome gifts that can be given to sock lovers in any occasion! Check it out and get started on your holiday shopping list!

1) Monthly subscription services

If you have a sock lover on your shopping list and don’t know what to get them, consider a sock subscription service. sock of the month Club offers three subscription levels: Stocking Stuffer ($20/month), Foot Elite ($30/month) and Toe Time Traveler ($40/month). You can even add on a pair of socks from other sock-of-the-month clubs or purchase add-ons like socks from Yeti Warming and Pacific Trading Company. Some sock of the month clubs, such as The Happy Pair, offer free shipping within North America.

2) Different designs of cool socks

You can’t go wrong with different designs of cool socks. Companies like Stance and Happy Socks have a lot of fun sock designs that anyone would love to wear. If you’re more looking for fun socks, then you might want to check out companies like TieCack or even sites like Etsy. Another alternative is buying socks subscriptions from companies like Artbox Socks and Stance Socks. These companies send out a box every month with at least 3 pairs of cool socks; they also sell sock of the month. If you’re looking for just one pair of gift, consider getting a discounted subscription package on these websites so that they don’t run out of stock on your special someone.

3) Show some love with a sock heart pillow

Do you know someone who’s always at risk of catching a cold due to lack of socks? Gift them a sock heart pillow! It’s cute, colorful and most importantly, it offers great comfort. Also, it can be personalized with their favorite type of sock or brand.

4) Change up your style with designer socks

The New Year is upon us and with it comes a fresh start. Change up your style with cool socks from Stance, a sock subscription service that will keep you looking sharp, even while lounging around. For men who want to step up their sock game, look no further than subscription boxes like Nice Laundry, or specific brands such as Bombas or Society Socks. Most subscriptions offer discounts on multi-month orders, meaning there’s no need to worry about wrapping and storing presents—just grab them when they’re fresh and ready to go! Whether you’re shopping for men, women or children (there are some great ones out there), we've rounded up our top 10 picks of gifts sure to get a smile!

5) A cute way to store your socks

Let’s be honest, socks are an often overlooked item. They’re just a necessity, right? But they don’t have to be! A few DIY ideas or simply just buying a cool sock hanger will go a long way to show you really care. (Some like them with personality and flare.) You can even buy your loved one their own subscription of unique and fun socks each is February after all! Many places offer monthly sock subscriptions, but we particularly love Sock Dreams and Crazy Socks Club; both offer plenty of different styles from color-blocked to comic inspired designs. Plus, as far as gifts go, these definitely won’t break your bank.

6) Help them stay warm with this cozy slipper

A cozy pair of slippers is a staple of anyone’s winter wardrobe, so why not make them even better with cute, stylish socks? Companies like Sock It To Me offer a sock of the month club that are delivered to your home monthly so you can receive fun designs throughout winter. The socks won’t just look good on your feet—you can also wear them with shoes, hats and jackets. And who doesn’t want their ankles to be warm and their style to match? Just don’t forget about those other nine months of year.

7) For the man who loves 'em wild, pair him up with these toe socks!

These funny, funky socks add a playful touch to his outfit. As far as wild patterns go, these have them all: flamingos, owls and even giraffes. Not only are they fun and festive, but they also are pretty snazzy. Plus, most of these bold patterns can be found on socks that reach up to his knee (or just above it) - so he won't need to worry about people seeing too much leg when he wears them! He'll love them because they're fun and creative; you'll love them because they stand out from those plain ol' black or brown dress socks! They may just become your new favorite too...but don't tell him that just yet!

8) Get their feet ready for their new favorite sneakers

These days, there are hundreds of styles to choose from. The great thing about slippers is that they can be worn indoors or outdoors, so you don’t have to worry about your girl tracking dirt inside. Plus, they are super easy to slip on and off! And unlike regular shoes, slippers give your feet some much-needed breathing room and protection from outside elements like rocks and ice. Who doesn’t love soft toes? If you’re not sure what kind of slipper to buy (or if your girl isn’t into wearing socks), a new pair of fuzzy slippers will make a great gift.

9) Spoil your girl with her very own pair of cozy slippers.

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