These 5 Sock Subscriptions are Too Cool for School

These 5 Sock Subscriptions are Too Cool for School

Socks are often overlooked when it comes to their importance in our wardrobes, and this neglect is one of the biggest wardrobe mistakes you can make. Here’s the deal: socks can make or break your outfit, so it’s important to have the right pair to complement what you’re wearing and make your feet look as great as possible. Thankfully, there are tons of awesome subscription services out there that will deliver you cool socks on a monthly basis—allowing you to always have just the right pair of socks at your disposal without having to go out and buy them yourself!

1) SockBox

For those of us who love cool socks, and those of us who really appreciate quality, investing in a pair or two that we love makes sense. The only problem is that it's kind of tough to find exactly what you're looking for when you want it. SockBox offers an interesting twist on sock subscriptions by offering three different sizes - small (3-5 pairs), medium (6-9 pairs) and large (10+ pairs). This way, if you're going to do a sock subscription service, you might as well do it right.

2) Sigerson Morrison

Sigerson Morrison has long been known as a designer of super cool and funky shoes, which is why we love their sock subscription. For $35 per month, you’ll get two pairs of fashionable socks delivered to your doorstop. What’s even better about their socks is that they’re made from quality material with a mix of wool, cotton, and spandex to make them both comfortable and durable. If you have zero tolerance for boring socks, Sigerson Morrison is your match.

3) Broque

A lifestyle brand committed to creating men's fashion and accessories that are both stylish and comfortable. Broque offers a sock subscription with their socks of the month club. The company offers one-month subscriptions, three-month subscriptions, six-month subscriptions and twelve-month subscriptions. The company has been featured in Forbes, Complex Magazine, Complex Daily and has also secured investors such as Ronnie Fieg, Tom Sachs and others who have invested over $1 million into Brroque's vision. Brands That Ship Socks: ShipSocks is a subscription box service that promises to send you one pair of cool socks every month. Their mission is to provide customers with high quality socks at affordable prices – including multiple colors per month which leads to no repeat socks all year long!

4) Crown & Caliber

Crown & Caliber is a one-stop shop for sock subscriptions. They offer three different subscription options—one pair of socks each month, two pairs per month, or three pairs per month—and each option is $15 (the two-pair plan) to $25 (the three-pair plan). So you can send socks as a gift or get one that's just right for you. Delivery schedules run from once a month to every other month and if your package doesn't arrive on time they'll give you credit toward your next order. Crown & Caliber also carries shoe care products so you can keep everything in your wardrobe looking great!

5) Stance

If you’re cool enough to own a subscription box, then these Stance socks should be it. These cool socks come in a variety of colors and styles, including heels and argyles, that are so unique they’ll make your friends jealous. And all of them ship out with your first month’s sock subscription. But if you want to go bold—like, really bold—Stance also offers a Color Block design that you won’t find anywhere else. [Insert Stance link here]