The Ultimate Sock Subscription – For the Man or Woman Who Has Everything

The Ultimate sock subscription – For the Man or Woman Who Has Everything

How many times has someone asked you, What do you want for your birthday or Christmas? and you just couldn’t think of anything to say? When it comes to birthdays and the holidays, it’s easy to end up with the same old socks and tie again because there’s nothing more that we can ask for. But what if there was something different that could be given as gifts? A sock subscription may just be the answer to this dilemma, because who wouldn’t want their very own socks delivered on a monthly basis?


10 Reasons To Buy A Funky Socks Subscription

1. It's a gift that lasts all year long. 2. There's a new surprise each month! 3. You'll never run out of socks to wear! 4. You'll get to try out new brands and styles without buying them first! 5. The price is great for what you get! 6. They're super fun, colorful, and comfy! 7. Your feet will love you for it! 8. It's something different that won't break your bank account! 9. They come in multiple sizes and styles for men, women, kids, and even dogs 10. You'll be the coolest person on the block with these awesome socks


What To Look for When Choosing a Funky Socks Box

Choosing a funky socks box is not an easy task. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming to pick one. Here are a few things to look for when choosing your perfect gift: - What type of crazy socks do you want? Purple ankle socks? Women's colorful anklets? crazy color dress socks? - What size should they be? Ankle length, calf length, crew length, knee high or over the knee? - How often should they arrive in the mail? Monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly or yearly? - Where will they ship from? US based company or international company with cheaper shipping rates and faster shipping times.


A Full Review of 1 Pair From Funky Socks

The most difficult part of shopping for men's socks is that it's hard to know if they'll like what you're getting them. There are so many varieties and types of men's socks on the market, and there is always a risk that your loved one will feel uncomfortable in their new socks. But fear not! Funky Socks has come to the rescue with their sock subscription service! They offer a whole bunch of fun, colorful, and cool designs that are sure to please any man. My husband opened up his package last week, and he was ecstatic!


Most Interesting Facts About Funky Socks

Did you know that there are four types of sock wearers? They are: Toe-Hikers, White-Socks, Careless and Individualists. A group of students from North Carolina State University compiled data to determine which state had the most sock enthusiasts. The winner was Delaware with 7% of respondents claiming to wear colorful socks, followed by South Dakota (6%), Alabama (5%) and Virginia (5%). The best sock subscription is a gift that will keep on giving as each month new fun socks will be delivered right to your door! That's 12 months of awesome socks club surprises waiting for you, plus an incredible Christmas present!


Are Funky Socks Worth it?

We think yes! Our socks are about having fun and wearing something that makes you feel confident and happy. We're not kidding around, we want to help make your day a little bit better! That's why we offer:
1. Mens colorful ankle socks 2. Mellow mens ankle socks 3. Mens cool socks for men 4. Funky mens dress socks
5. Funky crewed mens socks 6. Cool colorful men's lace up dress sock 7. Best sock of the month club for men and women


Wrapping up with some last minute tips

If you don't know what to get your best man, he'll love this gift. We offer two different subscription options: a monthly subscription (3 months, 6 months, 12 months) and an annual subscription (1 year). The socks will be delivered to his doorstep on a monthly basis. When he subscribes he'll have an option for either our Mens Purple ankle socks or our mens colourful socks.
This is also a great way to introduce someone to some of their new favorite pairs of socks! It's so much more personal than giving them a $5 iTunes card because they're guaranteed to like what they get every time.
Another fun thing about these socks is that they come with free shipping both ways!


How to Buy a Funky Socks Gift Card

Gift cards are a great way to show someone that you're thinking of them while also giving them the freedom to choose what they want. A great gift card to give is one for funky socks since it can be hard to find a sock subscription service in your city and because we all have those people on our list that seem impossible to shop for. Here's how to buy a funky socks gift card:
1. Visit the funky socks website and select your preferred style, color, and quantity of socks. 2. Add an email address so you can send this as a digital gift card directly from the site 3. Enter in shipping and billing information (the recipient will not see any of this) 4. Fill out their address 5.