The Top 3 Women's Sock Subscriptions for the Busy Fashionista


What are some of the best subscription boxes out there? For women, what could be better than getting new socks in the mail each month? Not only do they get some fun new socks to wear, but it’s a great gift that can be sent at any time of year to friends or loved ones who love fashion. We’ve created this list of the top three women’s sock subscriptions to help you find the perfect gift idea for anyone on your shopping list this holiday season.


Pantyhose (or Tights)

A variety of women's socks are available to meet the different needs of busy fashionistas. Tights and pantyhose are a great way to keep your legs feeling warm all year round, while also providing coverage in more formal settings. For those who prefer more breathable options, there are plenty of varieties of legwear, such as ankle socks or crew socks. There is something for everyone!


Casual Socks

Women of all ages wear socks, and it can be difficult to find a great pair. Whether you're looking for a pair that is soft and comfortable or one that is unique and fun, mens socks have something to offer. Mens socks come in many varieties, including: best crew socks, crazy color dress socks, cool ankle socks, crazy sock subscription service! There are also more traditional options like plain black or brown dress socks. If you're looking for comfort in a high-quality fabric, then look no further than cotton crew socks. With so many options to choose from you're sure to find your perfect match (or two)!


Luxury hosiery

Most people don't think about socks when it comes to fashion, but these days, you can find all sorts of options. The best sock subscription service for men and women is Footsie Chick because it offers a variety of different types of socks: knee high, thigh high, ankle length and over-the-knee. Plus, they have a cool assortment of colors like purple and green. You won't be disappointed with this sock subscription!