The Top 10 Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

The Top 10 Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

You might not think much about your socks until they start to smell, but good quality socks can actually help you look good, too! Sock subscriptions are one of the most popular clothing subscriptions out there because you don’t have to think about it—you just sit back and get new socks sent to you each month without having to shop around or make decisions on what to buy. If you’re looking for the best sock subscriptions on the market, check out this list!

Best socks for women

Philosockphy is all about cozy socks, and their subscription service delivers three different designs from brands like Alice & Olivia, Matisse, and Monrow. If you’re looking for cute socks that will keep your feet happy, Philosockphy is a great place to start.

Best socks for men

Believe it or not, there’s more to choosing a pair of socks than making sure they match your shoes. Yes, you want socks that are long enough and aren’t visible through dress pants. But beyond that, men need a variety of sock options based on activity level and weather conditions. And while women can generally get away with two or three types of socks in their drawer, men need around a dozen options. That’s why we’ve put together The Ultimate List of Sock Subscriptions for Men—so you can choose from an array of types so your feet don’t end up hurting no matter what happens. This list includes everything from sandals (yes, we said sandals) to formal dress socks.

Best sock subscription boxes on a budget

When it comes to sock subscriptions, it seems like you can’t swing a pair of feet without hitting an option that costs $50 or more. But just because your budget is tight doesn’t mean you should have bare feet (or wear socks with holes). These companies offer high-quality socks at affordable prices. Plus, many offer discounts for both new and returning customers, so make sure you ask! Check out our list of The Best Budget-Friendly Sock Subscription Boxes

Best sock subscription boxes for kids

For those that want happy feet for their children, kids’ sock subscriptions are a good place to start. The kids’ socks from Philosocksy should have no trouble keeping kids’ feet comfy on even the longest days of school or daycare. The subtle designs might be fun, but they also have enough durability in them to handle all sorts of playground adventures as well. For boys and girls alike, these subscription boxes feature high-quality socks that offer long-lasting comfort for active youngsters. It’s an easy way to get socks you know will fit and keep up with active feet.

Best sock subscription boxes for seniors

If you’re a senior citizen living on your own, it’s important that you find ways to keep yourself happy and busy. This is especially true if your social circle is starting to wane, or if you live far away from family members. For example, a gift subscription box like BarkBox can help make sure your pet has plenty of fun toys and accessories every month. They’ll also deliver healthy treats that promote wellness. You can also go into Doordash, a meal delivery service which will help ensure you stay well-fed year-round—and best of all; do all of these things with love in mind. Other top sock subscriptions for seniors include: ParcelFiend, Smelly Yeti and Philosockphy!

Best sock subscription boxes with free shipping

Save your feet and your bank account by avoiding mall socks sales. With these sock subscription boxes, you'll have fresh pairs of quality socks delivered right to your door. No more schlepping around a shopping center trying on every pair in sight; try these great monthly sock subscriptions instead. If you've got a gift on your hands and don't know where to start, look no further than one of these sock subscription boxes. You'll find an option for every age, gender, occupation and personality type!