The Tie-Dyed Sock of the Month Club: How to match your socks with a tie


What do you get when you cross the spirit of sock-of-the-month clubs with the fun of tie-dying? The Tie Dyed sock of the month Club from Yours Truly! Each month, I’ll send you an exciting new pair of argyle socks that are designed to match one of our ties. And since every club member will receive their own tie from Yours Truly, you’ll always have something to go with your socks—even if you didn’t get them from the Tie Dyed sock of the month Club!


Step 1) Find a pattern on your tie

Check out our website for awesome socks for men and other fun dress socks. We have some cool mens socks, colorful ankle socks, and crazy color dress socks in the package.


Step 2) Pick out coordinating patterns on your socks

Men's socks are so much more exciting than they were just a few short years ago. Gone are the days of drab brown and white tube socks - now you can get them in any color, pattern, or style that you could ever need! These fantastic colorful socks for men come in seven different sizes from small to XXL so no matter what size feet you have, there is always going to be one that fits. The best part about these colorful socks for men is that they can be matched up with any outfit. The only thing left for you to do is decide on which ones are best for you!


Step 3) Match everything up!

Do you have a collection of mismatched socks? Looking for the perfect gift idea for men? The Tie-Dyed sock of the month club is here to help. This sock subscription service will send out one awesome pair of socks every month, along with an entertaining surprise. Your man will love getting their monthly fun socks delivered right to their door! It's hard to find cool and colorful socks for men, but this sock subscription is just what you need. They offer many different types and styles, making it easy to find what you're looking for. Best part? You can select from different lengths, so it's sure to be a comfortable fit too. Choose from mens ankle socks or crew length socks and get ready for some new fun!


DIY Alternatives for Decorating Your Own Tie Dye Patterned Socks

Matching your socks to your tie can be a tricky task. You need to find an appropriate color scheme, or risk looking like you just threw on whatever you found in the laundry hamper. However, if matching is not for you, there are other ways to add some color into your wardrobe. One way is by subscribing to The Tie-Dyed sock of the month Club. This sock subscription service sends subscribers a pack of funky and colorful crew length cotton/nylon blend ankle socks each month. These colorful and fun pairs will brighten up any outfit, no matter what color they are matched with!