The Socks You Wear Reveal Your Personality

The Socks You Wear Reveal Your Personality

What do the socks you wear say about you? If you’re on the fence about your answer, consider taking advantage of our free sock of the month club. Every month, we’ll send you a new pair of designer socks to try out, and each one will be selected to best fit your personality. With fun selections like outdoorsy sock of the month and novelty sock of the month, it’s easy to see how the socks you wear are an extension of your personality.

Dress socks are popular among men

While it’s no surprise that socks are among men’s most popular clothing items, it is interesting to consider what role they play in a man’s wardrobe. Most of us have heard of dress socks – plain and solid-colored, they often go best with business casual attire. But it isn’t only men who like to wear fun socks; women can add a little flair to their outfits, too! There are many different styles of fun socks for all occasions and personalities. How do you know which style you should wear? It all depends on your personality type and what mood you want to express. With so many options out there, there’s something for everyone! So how do you find out what kind of sock makes you tick?

Plain dress socks are more conservative

Plain dress socks go with any outfit, making them perfect for dressing in a more formal or conservative manner. If you wear plain dress socks, you’re probably conservative and serious. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a fun side, but if it shows through your socks, it will be subtle and more subdued than bright and bold. Dress up your plain dress socks by wearing them with business-casual looks or super formal outfits like tuxedos. Bright colored dress socks: Wear brightly colored dress socks to add an extra pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit.

Colorful striped dress socks are hipster-friendly

It’s no secret that hipster culture has made a huge splash over recent years. A staple of hipster culture is what’s on your feet, and these bright socks—with their big stripes and wild patterns—are an easy way to tap into that trend without spending too much money or looking like you are trying too hard. The look says, I don’t care about your rules, I do what I want. Perfect for anyone with a great personality or sense of humor (and who wants to let it shine)!

Patterned dress socks are geared towards men with fashion sense

While these types of socks are less common today, you’ll likely be noticed if you wear them. Just like wearing a striped or patterned tie, these socks show that you have confidence in your sense of style and aren’t afraid to express it. Patterned dress socks suggest that you are confident and know what works for your body type. These kinds of socks can also be worn when wearing suits; they look best with trousers rather than jeans. An important note: if you have ankles that turn outwards (also known as pigeon-toes), patterns should avoid running parallel to your toes and should instead run perpendicular to them—the smaller pattern will still look just as good on your foot!

Playful patterned dress socks appeal to younger audiences

If you’re selling to younger audiences, like teens or young professionals, socks with vibrant patterns might be what you need. Targeted at fun-loving people, patterned dress socks from brands like Argyleculture and Happy Socks are colorful and playful. They make great conversation starters when paired with a suit or business casual outfit. Choose styles that appeal to your target market so your brand gets in front of them as often as possible.

Pointed toe dress socks can be paired with boots

Pointed toe dress socks are a great complement to boots, giving them an extra dash of fun and energy. If you’re looking for a way to add personality to your look, pointy-toed socks are perfect. With their vivacious colors and quirky patterns, pointed toe dress socks will really show off your personal style and make you look like you have something exciting going on in your life! Plus, they’re comfortable as well as attractive—no one will even know that your fashion forward socks are hiding a pair of boots underneath.

Knee high dress socks add elegance and class to any look

Knee high dress socks aren’t just for formal occasions and work environments. In fact, they can add elegance and class to casual looks too. Wearing a pair of colorful knee high socks is a great way to instantly perk up any outfit while adding some flair. Just make sure you avoid wearing them with your favorite white jeans if you don’t want to give off cray-cray vibes!

Stripe knee high dress socks speak of casual elegance

Women who choose to wear stripy knee high dress socks are confident and driven. They tend to be very talented at their jobs and have a lot of determination. While they don’t like to be pushed around, they also don’t push others around either. Stripe knee high dress socks are soft on others and will go out of their way to make sure people feel comfortable. These women usually have a great sense of humor, an appreciation for nature, and love cats. In fact, it is not uncommon for these women to keep cats as pets in their home or even have pictures of cats displayed on their desks at work.

Men wear solid color sport socks for sporting events or exercise

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