The Sock Subscription That Says A Lot About You

The Sock Subscription That Says A Lot About You

Based on your shoe preference, we’re able to determine what kind of socks you like to wear and what kind of person you are. But what about ties? When you wear a tie to work, are you trying to send a message? What does that message say about you? That’s what Socks wants to know, and the company has announced its new Tie of the Month Club!

How it works

Philosockphy was founded by two brothers, and one of them had a great idea: a sock subscription service that works like a t-shirt subscription service (like Threadless). Philosockphy's founders knew they could make it more than just a sock company. They asked themselves: What can we do to make each pair of socks feel personal and reflect our customers' interests? They spent weeks designing thousands of graphics – or philosocks as they call them – and used their own experiences to help shape what these images might look like. For example, how would an entrepreneur react when receiving an animation-themed pair of socks from Philosockphy? Or how would someone who had just gotten accepted into their dream school react to receiving school-themed socks?

10 reasons why you should get a sock subscription now

1. It’s economical: Many times a pair of socks will cost as much or more than a subscription. If you like designer socks and shop around, you may find that one pair can cost up to $15 per month. 2. It makes great holiday gifts: Few people ever get excited about socks for Christmas or birthdays, but a sock subscription is different. Socks are something that come in pairs and people love new things with their name on it! 3. No worries about keeping track of pairs: One day, after years of wearing slippers all winter long, I was finally faced with my dirty secret – I lost one shoe in a storm drain last year – then another, just weeks later.

5 items to add as your collection grows

If you’re like most men, you wear a tie at least once a week, if not every day. However, instead of making your wardrobe a sea of black and red ties, why not make them more interesting? It’s easy to swap out boring ties with a fun one that can add some color or flair to your outfit without being too showy. Our socks are perfect for these occasions! From stripes to graphics and patterns, our unique collection will liven up any outfit. With over 10 designs in stock that include sneakers, boats, beach balls and anything else we can think of in an effort to keep things fresh and fun; we have something that speaks for everyone!

7 things you can learn about yourself from your socks

Whether it’s a quality you embrace or a flaw you can’t shake, your socks say a lot about you. When you’re on your feet all day and can never get comfortable, what does that say about your personality? Are you an organized person who rarely loses their footing in life? Do you have trouble setting boundaries or do other people just not understand where they stand with you? No matter how cliche it might sound, there really is something to be learned from getting to know yourself better through what appears at first glance to be nothing more than simple pairs of socks. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, socks aren’t just underwear; they tell stories and carry emotions that are yours alone.