The Sock of the Month Subscription: What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?

The sock of the month Subscription: What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?

The sock of the month subscription box has become popular over the last few years, but some people still don’t know what it’s all about. If you love socks as much as I do, or want to learn more about them and their history, then this article is exactly what you need to read! It’s packed with all sorts of info on how to choose a good pair of socks and where to buy them, including which subscription boxes are best for you.


When it comes to socks, there are two types of people

There are two types of people in this world. Those who like crazy socks and those who don't. For those who like crazy socks, The Crazy sock of the month Club is for you! It's just $12/month for a pair or colorful ankle socks delivered to your door each month. You can have some wild fun with funky colors, patterns, and new textures without breaking the bank! If you're not so into crazy socks, then try our Awesome Crew Socks Club instead for $14/month. This includes one or two pairs (depending on plan) of awesome crew socks delivered to your door each month that fit great, feel awesome, and come in all sorts of cool colors and designs.


People who choose their socks based on function

If you're not looking to make a statement with your sock, then you might want to choose an ankle sock. These socks are made for comfort and will stay up without much fuss. ankle socks can be worn with just about any type of shoe and are perfect for work or play. If you're looking for something a little less conservative, consider colorful men's ankle socks that match your shoe color! fun dress socks make a great gift for the person who has everything because they will show off your creativity while still providing warmth when needed.


People who choose their socks based on style

Do you have a sock obsession? Colorful, crazy, fun socks are one of our favorite things to wear. Maybe you're looking for some new socks and don't know where to start. Check out our monthly sock subscription service! We've curated a list of the best crew socks and best sock subscription services available. Simply choose your style preferences and we'll send you a fresh pair every month!
How about ankle socks for men? If you like funky colors, there's no better place than crazy color dress socks. For those who like more subtle colors, we recommend Fun Mens ankle socks by J&J Design or Fun Men's ankle socks by E&E Apparel.


Which type of person are you?

Whether you're a business man, just got back from vacation, or out at the bar on a Friday night - there's always a time and place for your favorite pair of socks! Did you know that socks have been around for centuries and have been worn by every social group and class throughout history. They were first worn by ancient Greeks who wore them as protection against cold weather. Today, people wear colorful socks for all sorts of reasons. This is where The Crazy Sock Club comes in with their sock-of-the-month subscription service. If you sign up today, you'll receive 12 pairs of crazy colorful ankle socks delivered straight to your door on the 1st day of each month. So what does your choice in sock say about you?


How your sock choice says about you

ankle socks are a staple in any man's wardrobe. They're fun, colorful, and they match anything. If you're looking for something with a little more personality to spice up your outfit, check out our crazy color dress socks! We also have cool Mens ankle socks for those days when you need something a little dressier. Our newest addition is our Fun Men's ankle socks - these come in lots of different colors and patterns that make it easy to find one that matches your style! Our gift socks also make an excellent gift for any occasion (even if it's just for yourself).


The benefits of a sock subscription

We know what you're thinking, I can buy my own socks! But with a sock subscription, you'll never need to worry about that again. Plus, there are so many benefits to our monthly sock subscription. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to get a sock subscription for yourself or your loved one this year:
- It's an awesome gift that people will actually use!
- crazy socks delivered monthly to your door (without even having to leave your house)!
- You'll be able to enjoy colorful ankle socks every month!


How to choose the right sock subscription for you

crazy socks are all the rage right now and there are plenty to choose from, but don't just settle for any old sock club! There are a number of things you should keep in mind when deciding which sock subscription is best for you.
*Do you want colorful socks or plain, no-nonsense socks?
*Do you have a favorite color or pattern preference?
*What kind of dress code do you have at work or school? *Are crew socks your thing, but ankle socks not so much?
*Is price a factor for your decision on whether to subscribe to a monthly sock club or not?