The Sock of the Month Club is Making a Comeback – Here’s Why You Should Join

The sock of the month Club is Making a Comeback – Here’s Why You Should Join

What’s the perfect gift for the man who has everything? If you answered socks, you’d be right – but there’s also a good chance he doesn’t want another pair of boring socks. The sock of the month Club gets it right by giving your guy fresh, fun new socks every month, with some of their best styles going to those who join early in the year (because they know they’ll run out first). Check out these other great reasons why the sock of the month club is making a comeback – and join today!


Who remembers the sock of the month club?

You might not have heard about it, but there was a time when people had sock subscriptions. It seems like it died off around 2005. But now, the sock of the month club has made its way back on to our radar. So why should you join?
-There are so many different types and colors of socks to pick from: crew socks, ankle socks, dress socks, fuzzy socks, fun patterned dress socks, crazy color dress socks.
-You can get something unique for your father or husband every month (even if he doesn't want anything).
-Your feet will thank you for wearing these awesomely comfortable and colorful socks.


What was the appeal of the club?

Join the sock of the month club and get one awesome, colorful pair each month. These socks are made with all-cotton material and feature extra cushioning to make them softer than ever before. Plus, they come in every color under the sun: mens ankle socks, fun men's ankle socks, cool colorful dress socks for women, crazy color dress socks and more! Choose from some awesome crew socks or some funky ankle socks today!


How did it work?

Founded in 2007 by two college students, The sock of the month Club became one of America's best sock subscription clubs. For just $29.99 per month, subscribers receive six pairs of funky socks delivered right to their door with no hidden fees or shipping charges. They offer two types: Crew and ankle socks; with so many colors and patterns to choose from, there's something for everyone. The club also offers three membership levels: Starter, Premium and Ultimate (depending on how much you want to spend).
Aside from being an awesome monthly gift for someone you care about or treating yourself to something new every month, this club is also a great way to keep your feet warm during colder months!


What happened to the club?

Socks have made a major comeback in recent years. Gone are the days when socks were relegated to being worn only for warmth and comfort. In today's world, socks come in many different styles and colors, like crazy color dress socks or fun dress socks for men. The sock of the month club has also seen some resurgence with people opting for sock subscription services rather than single pairs. The best part about these sock subscriptions is that you can choose your preferred style, color and pattern so you're never stuck with something you don't like. There's no better feeling than opening up your package to find an awesome pair of cool mens socks or colorful socks for men!


The club is making a comeback – here’s why you should join

In an age when we are more connected than ever, and spend most of our time in front of screens, it can be hard to find joy and excitement. But with the sock of the month club, that's where you'll find it! It's more than just receiving cool socks each month - it's getting something that will brighten your day. Plus, they make great gifts! The sock subscription club offers socks for everyone. There are crew socks for men, funky ankle socks for women, colorful dress socks for special occasions, and crazy color dress socks that can be worn as a fashion accessory or to break up an outfit. Best part? They're all fun & different each month!


What are the benefits of joining the club?

What are some benefits? First, you'll never have to go sock shopping again! Second, you'll get high-quality socks that were made with care and attention. Third, you'll get cool socks every month. Fourth, your feet will thank you! Fifth, it's affordable. Sixth, they offer two different options: one for men and one for women (or both). Seventh, they have awesome customer service and fast shipping.


How much does it cost to join?

Socks are one thing that many people do not give much thought to until it becomes necessary. Whether you're looking for socks to wear at work, school, or with your favorite pair of loafers, we've got them. Plus, with our amazing prices and variety of colors, styles, and patterns there's no need to ever wear boring socks again!
We offer socks in three different styles: crew cut (low cut), over-the-calf (tall), and dress style (no show). We have both solid colors as well as patterns in fun colorful designs like polka dots, stripes, animal prints and more. Check out our women's section for a great selection of funky bright colored ankle socks perfect for wearing with sandals or heels.


How can I join?

It's time to break out your new shoes and break in your newest socks. cool socks for men come in all sorts of styles, colors, patterns, and more. crazy color dress socks are perfect for going from day to night and fun dress socks are great for finishing off an outfit with a little pizzazz. Plus you'll never have to worry about buying new dress or fun socks again since they will come right to your doorstep! Get started with one month-long membership or opt for the year and pay less each month while receiving discounted shipping. With any sock of the month subscription you get a brand new pair delivered right to your door at least once per month (plus no more than three times) which means you never have to go into that lame local store ever again.