The Sock of the Month Club: A Subscription That Keeps Your Feet Happy

The sock of the month Club: A Subscription That Keeps Your Feet Happy

How often do you order socks? For some people, it’s as often as they go grocery shopping, or they only buy socks when they need them. But if you want your feet to stay happy and healthy, you might want to consider getting a sock of the month club membership! A sock of the month club subscription delivers new socks right to your door every month so you can get exactly the kind of sock that you want with no hassle.


What Is the sock of the month Club?

If you're looking for a gift idea that will keep someone on their toes and make them smile, then a sock subscription is just what you need. The best sock subscription is right here at crazy socks and we have an awesome range to choose from. With an awesome sock of the month club, get socks delivered monthly! We carry all sorts of cool socks for men including crazy color dress socks, funky socks for men, fun dress socks and more. Who doesn't want colorful ankles? Choose from our huge selection of best crew socks or our cool mens ankle socks to brighten up your day! They'll love our gift boxes too!


How Does It Work?

Socks are a great gift, but finding the perfect pair can be difficult. The Socks of the Month Club solves that problem! You'll receive a new pair (or pairs) every month with an assortment of styles, patterns and colors. From crazy socks to cool mens socks to fun men's ankle socks, this monthly subscription has something for everyone. With a range of prices and packages available, you're sure to find something perfect for your budget and needs.


What Are the Benefits?

colorful socks are making a comeback and they make a great gift or stocking stuffer. The sock of the month Club is a gift that keeps on giving, because each month you'll receive two new pairs of designer socks, one for each foot. Whether you're looking for crazy socks, ankle socks, or just fun dress socks for your guy, this is the perfect gift that he'll love. The best part is that it's easy to keep them coming with just one click; these colorful socks will always be shipped to your door before December 25th so you can make sure they're under the tree. And if you get tired of seeing all those mismatched socks in your drawer, there's also an option to opt out at any time.


How Much Does It Cost?

This sock subscription is designed to keep your feet happy and free from boredom. You'll never get bored with this crazy socks club, as they send you 3 pairs of crazy socks each month. Choose from one of their three monthly plans and start sending your feet into a colorful world. Starting at $12/month, you'll get 3 pairs of funky socks delivered right to your doorstep. The standard plan includes six pairs for $18/month or 12 pairs for $36/month.


Where Can I Sign Up?

If you're looking for something a little more unique than boring black dress socks, then The sock of the month Club is a gift that you need to send to yourself or your loved one. The company offers three different options for men and women: Crazy Crew socks, cool mens socks, and fun dress socks. If you're not sure which option is right for you, don't worry! There's also a gift option so that you can do some research first. It'll come with an awesomely-colored pair of crew ankle socks - all ready to wear!