The Sharpest Socks Yet: A New Month, A New Sock Subscription Club

The Sharpest Socks Yet: A New Month, A New Sock Subscription Club

How many times have you reached into your sock drawer, only to find that one out of the three socks you’re wearing has some weird hole in it, or all the elastic has worn away? It can be so frustrating, and when it happens often enough it can even put you off wearing socks altogether! With Philosockphy Socks, there’s no need to worry about holes or sagging elastic – they promise to send you 3 pairs of amazing men’s and women’s socks every month, and their durable designs last much longer than any of your old pairs ever did.

First Impressions

With so many sock subscription services on offer these days, it’s not easy to stand out in such a crowded market. But for our team at Philosockphy we think we’ve pulled off something special with our sharp new launch. Our process included several different rounds of design and market research to get to where we are today; and now that I see all ten socks together for the first time I think we might have done it. For example (and no offense) but some of those other sock companies use fuzzy materials and stick them in bags with mystery patterns. Ugh... who wants that?

What We Received in October

We got some pretty sharp socks in October. They’re so sharp that we’re now starting to wonder if we should start taking our socks out of our pockets before wearing them. No matter how you cut it, though, these are clearly 100% better than any other kind of sock you’ve worn. These babies will help you bring a little bit of style into your life without compromising on comfort or function. You get all of that for less than $20 per month - that's less than $0.25 per day to look good! What are you waiting for? Start clubbing today!

How it Works

For just $9.99 a month (shipping included), we will ship you a quality pair of socks from The Philosopher's Guild. What's better than one sock subscription club? TWO sock subscription clubs! For only $15.98 a month (shipping included), we will ship you not one, but TWO pairs of quality socks every single month! These are our best value yet! Each shipment comes with not one or two but THREE awesome pairs of socks - talk about bang for your buck!

What to Know Before Signing Up

There are a lot of sock subscription clubs out there right now. Which means it’s important to know what you're signing up for before you do so. How many pairs of socks will you get each month? Are they all just solid colors or will some have patterns on them? Are they athletic socks or something more business professional? And how about sizes - is your club going to be a perfect fit every time? How often can you ship out new socks to members? All good questions! That's why our Philosockphy motto is that we do everything better . So let's break it down by category. Who doesn't love solid color socks with no patterns or logos on them?

Final Thoughts

While subscription boxes are a great way to send out a monthly thank you to customers or to deliver new and interesting products to their doorsteps on a regular basis, they're also an easy and effective way for companies to get started with ecommerce. For example, by incorporating direct shipping into your business model from day one — whether you're selling socks or something else entirely — you'll be able to test demand and experiment with selling techniques that drive customer engagement. If after several months of experimentation (and making sure all your pricing is optimized for your audience) you realize subscriptions aren't for you? No problem. It was all just an experiment anyway!