The Secrets of Sock Subscriptions

The Secrets of Sock Subscriptions

The sock of the month club has been helping men save time and money while they look great and feel fresh since 2013. But what’s the difference between sock subscriptions, sock of the month clubs, and other subscription services? And what sets them apart from one another? After all, you can get socks on Amazon or at your local convenience store, so why would you spend more on a less convenient option? Let’s take a closer look at sock subscriptions in this article about how to use socks sensibly!

Why I started a sock subscription

I've never considered myself a sock person. If I had to wear socks all day, I'd want them to be as comfortable as possible (hello Merino wool!) and stylish. But there are just so many varieties out there that it's hard to pick just one style - they're not even all available in my size! So when I discovered a sock subscription service that made me feel like a kid in a candy store, there was no way I could resist!

What are some sock subscriptions?

There are numerous sock subscriptions out there for men, women and kids. Want a pair? Check these out: Bombas socks: Bombas sends you four pairs of hand-picked socks each month and uses donation money to help give back to those in need. $11/month or $99/year Artizia: Made from soft cotton, hand-knit wool, tonal ribbing and an elastic arch support built into each design, Artizia socks are fashionable and on trend. $25/month Stance: The first celebrity sock brand, Stance has expanded to include premium socks for both men and women—and will help donate a pair of socks to someone in need with every purchase you make.

How to find the right fit

When it comes to socks, one size definitely does not fit all. Because they come in different sizes and styles (bamboo, cotton, athletic, etc.), you'll want to find a sock subscription that matches your personal style and sock preference. For example, if you prefer wearing thick wool socks on your feet for extended periods of time—and don't mind paying a little extra for them—you might like a sock subscription that offers only unisex style options. However, if you're looking for affordable socks made from bamboo and cotton blends—preferably some with cool designs like stripes or flowers—you'll probably be better off with a female-focused monthly sock subscription.

How do they ship?

There are several sock subscription services available today, but they all have one thing in common: They ship socks. To get a pair each month, you have to sign up for a membership that usually costs between $12 and $15. The fees cover shipping costs and company profits; you’re not paying to receive just one pair of socks each month (although some companies will give you a deal if you buy three or six months at once). Instead, each time your membership is renewed, your subscription site will send you another pair—or two pairs, or even more—all at once. In theory, it’s like having a never-ending supply of colorful socks delivered straight to your door.

Where can I find sock subscriptions?

What do you do with all those empty sock packaging boxes? Since socks are a delicate fabric, you’ll want to make sure that you pack them properly. After all, nobody wants their socks being ruined before they can even be worn! Whether you’re taking your new socks on an airplane or just storing them at home, here are a few useful packing tips:1. Airline-friendly packing cubes – Airline-friendly packing cubes can help to store a number of your items inside their own little pockets—including any socks that might need special care during travel. Best of all, most of these cubes are available in multiple sizes and are made from lightweight materials so you won’t have to worry about overweight baggage fees.2.

Extras or features?

The advantage of sock subscriptions is that you don’t have to think about colors or patterns. You can also leave them in your dresser or laundry hamper because you’ll never be without socks. But many people are loyal to a particular brand, so they may not like that they can’t choose one when they sign up for a subscription service. In addition, shipping costs could apply, and socks are bulky and can take up space. Some subscribers may even have difficulty getting everything in their mailboxes or front doors if it arrives all at once on certain days. If you use your own mail slot or front door with bulkier items such as boxes from Amazon Prime, shipping costs might be higher than what some sellers will offer.

How much does it cost?

Sometimes, subscribing to a service can be a little expensive. This depends on what you’re subscribed to, but when it comes to socks subscriptions, you don’t have to worry about paying too much! Depending on how many pairs you want, most sock subscriptions will cost somewhere between $10 and $20 per month (plus shipping). Depending on what brand and kind of socks you purchase and where they come from, these prices are pretty reasonable. With subscription sock services like Smarter Socks, there is a chance that you will save money in time as well as money in your bank account!