The Right Pair of Socks for Every Occasion

The Right Pair of Socks for Every Occasion

You’re wearing two different socks right now, aren’t you? That can’t be comfortable, and it’s certainly not stylish. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to get socks that you don’t have to feel guilty about getting just because they look nice. There are lots of new sock subscriptions that deliver the best socks every month to your door so you can get them before they sell out, like the sock of the month Club and Happy Socks!

Casual Wear

When it comes to dress socks, there are many considerations. Are you wearing a pair with your suit? With khakis and a polo shirt? Are you in school, at work, or playing sports? The best way to figure out what type of socks fit into your wardrobe is to sit down and make a list. Do you need something classic that matches with multiple things in your closet? Is comfort a higher priority than style? Or vice versa? Once you have everything figured out, it’s time to start buying. The best way to do that is by checking online stores like Amazon, where there are dozens of different options at all different price points.

Business Wear

To make a good impression, business socks need to be a little flashy. If your suit is conservative, go with something neutral like black or grey and add some fun, interesting socks. For example, in solid colours like black or dark reds and blues, or even a subtle pattern like argyle. More casual suits can really benefit from bold patterns, bright colours and statement socks. An all-white outfit calls for white ankle socks that contrast strongly with your attire—the bigger contrast you can create between your shoes and pants/skirt/suit jacket and your sock colour, the better it looks.

School Wear

The four-season sock is a versatile player that can work well with your wardrobe in any season. It’s smart enough to wear at school or work, and pairs equally well with sneakers and dress shoes. Make sure to look for socks made out of breathable material like cotton, which wicks away moisture from your feet and keeps them cool as you go about your day. You’ll also want to find a pair that reaches just above your ankle; longer socks will make it difficult to pull on tall boots or tuck into pants. Finally, opt for socks in colours other than black so they don’t overpower more subtle outfits—you can have fun mixing bright colours into dark looks or vice versa.

Sports & Fitness Wear

If you’re a runner, long-distance cyclist or some other type of athlete, look for sport-specific socks that are made from breathable fabric. Special running socks will keep your feet cool while they transport sweat away from your body and back into your shoes to ensure a dry environment. If you’re looking for fashion first and comfort second, don’t choose sports socks: dress socks with bold patterns will make your legs stand out.

Fashion & Formal Wear

You might not think about it, but what you wear to formal events can influence people’s first impressions. A man that attends a black-tie gala in sneakers or his standard going out shoes is going to seem unprofessional and sloppy, while a man that wears a tuxedo without socks will look uncomfortable and won’t be taken seriously. Rather than deal with that scenario, invest in an assortment of formal wear socks to ensure you always make a good impression at important events. Argyle patterns are fun and colorful enough to be worn with dressy outfits but are also sophisticated enough to match your office uniform. Plus, most argyle socks will help absorb moisture so your feet stay comfortable all night long.


For your best sleep, go with a comfy cotton pair of socks that you can wear to bed every night. Stay away from silk or nylon socks, as these materials will cause blisters and don’t provide ample comfort. Whether you are just wearing your pajamas around your house or running errands in your slippers, make sure you have a clean pair on and ready to go! A good rule of thumb is: You should have at least two pairs at all times, one for everyday use and one to put on before you get into bed. To save yourself time in the morning and ensure optimal comfort throughout your evening and night, grab a pack with eight pairs instead of four—you’ll be glad you did!


While a good pair of socks is important, they’re not all that matters when it comes to your wardrobe. If you’re going to wear shoes, you should have an amazing pair. You might not give it a second thought, but it is actually very important that you think about which shoe goes with which sock. For example, while sneakers are very popular in today’s casual fashion world, they don’t always play nice with all outfits—especially not if you choose them over nicer footwear such as dress shoes or high heels.