The Philosockphy of Sock of the Month


The sock of the month club provides you with socks that are not only enjoyable to wear, but also demonstrate your personality and outlook on life. Did you know that the color of your socks can affect your mood? Did you know that wearing the same kind of socks regularly can give you more positive energy? Did you know that there is a sock of the month club that can provide you with all of this? Let’s find out!


Are you more of a toe guy/gal, or do you go straight for the ankle?

Socks have come a long way from being just a simple accessory. Today, socks are more than just a fashion statement. They have come to represent our personality and character. Today, there are so many options to choose from that you can find ones that fit your personality perfectly. From fun socks for men and cool mens socks to crazy color dress socks and best sock subscription, there's something for everyone!


Do you have any particular sock themes throughout your collection?

We offer a wide range of sock styles and patterns, but we specialize in cool socks for men. Our socks are perfect as gifts or to give yourself! Every month you'll receive two pairs of funky and colorful ankle socks, one pair with a fun pattern and one pair with an awesome color combination. You can even choose what type of socks you want. Are you looking for stylish dress socks? Fun ankle socks? Cool crew socks? We've got them all!


If you had to match all your socks up with another pair, which pair would they be and why?

I would match my mens purple ankle socks with my colourful socks for men because they are both comfortable and fun. I would match my best sock of the month club with my awesome socks club because they both have a lot to offer. I would match my gift socks with fun dress socks because they can be used for different occasions.


Which was your first amazing pair of socks, did you know it was going to be amazing at first sight, or was it love at first wear.

My first pair of amazing socks was a pair of bright orange and yellow striped crew socks that I received as a Christmas gift. They were my favorite color and it felt like they were meant to be mine. It was love at first sight, but I didn't know it was going to be love at first wear until I tried them on for the first time. The colors were bold and fun, just like me!


Let's have some fun. Tell us about a time when someone gave you a compliment on your socks that made you blush/grin ear to ear.

One day, I was walking through my neighborhood when a man stopped me and said, I love your socks! I smiled and thanked him, but he didn't stop there. He told me that he was a sock fanatic and he loved how colorful they were. It made my day!