The Perks of a Sock Subscription: Never Run Out of Drinking Game Socks Again

The Perks of a sock subscription: Never Run Out of Drinking Game Socks Again

You’ve probably noticed that sock subscriptions have become all the rage. People are loving the idea of never running out of socks ever again (I know I’m one of them!) This is doubly important if you love drinking games, like I do! But what if there was a way to combine these two obsessions? What if you could get an awesome pair of socks in the mail every month, as well as free access to my online library of drinking game rules? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, think again!


Introducing Drinking Game Socks

What if we told you that there was a monthly sock subscription service that delivered the perfect variety of socks to your doorstep every month so you never run out? Introducing the awesome socks club, stocking your sock drawer with vibrant colors, patterns and fun mens socks. They have the best crew socks, best sock of the month club and the best sock subscription. They offer cool mens socks in beautiful colors, crazy color dress socks and fun dress socks. For those looking for gift ideas on their birthday or holidays they offer fun men's ankle socks in beautiful colors and are sure to be one of the most unique gifts ever. Drink up with these amazing colorful ankle socks because we all need to live life up!


How it Works

You'll receive a new set of socks in the mail every month. Choose from fun dress socks, funky mens ankle socks, and cool crew socks in any color you like. You can even get your very own pair of crazy color dress socks to wear for that next big occasion!
Not only will you never run out of drinking game ankle socks, but they're also perfect for any occasion. Surprise Dad with some cool men's knee-highs or show your mom how much you care with some colorful anklets to brighten up her day! These fun fashion items make great gifts for friends and family too.


Why You Need It

You can never have too many socks, and with the sock subscription you'll never run out. Whether you're looking for colorful ankle socks, colorful dress socks or fun men's ankle socks, there's an option for every style. Plus, if you don't want to be surprised with your next pair of socks - it's okay! You can sign up for the monthly sock club and get new pairs delivered each month.


What You Get

Living in the U.S.? The Funky Sock Club ships to you for free! Funky Socks is an awesome sock subscription that sends you new and different pairs of fun socks every month. The best part? You can cancel anytime, so it's risk free. This means that once your crazy color dress socks get old and ratty, you don't have to worry about purchasing more. Plus, with all the recent terror attacks, there's been a lot more security checks at airports. With Funky Socks, no TSA agent will ever be able to accuse you of having something other than colorful ankle socks on your feet.


How to Sign Up

Signing up for socks is easy. All you have to do is sign up on their website and select your package. They offer three different packages, including one with crazy color dress socks, which can be perfect for the holidays. Shipping is free on all orders over $40, which makes this an affordable stocking stuffer for the whole family. After signing up and picking out what you want, all you need to do is wait for your first pair!



Q. What is Philosocksphy?
A. Philosocksphy is an awesome socks club where you receive an awesome sock each month! We offer the best crew socks and other cool mens socks that come in fun colors and designs. Plus, we ship your socks anywhere in the world for free. Q. Why should I join the Philosocksphy crew? A. You'll never run out of drinking game socks again with our sock subscription! We have the best crew socks for playing games like beer pong and flip cup, as well as colorful dress socks for any occasion! Plus, we offer gift subscriptions so you can buy someone special a month-long supply of cool mens ankle socks!