The Different Types of Socks You Should Be Buying

The Different Types of Socks You Should Be Buying

Putting on a pair of socks in the morning is as routine as brushing your teeth. Or at least it should be. However, most people settle for whatever style they find on sale and don’t give much thought to the quality or type of sock they’re buying. To help you get the most out of your sock-wearing experience, here are three types of socks to buy and the right situations in which to wear them.

Philosophy Behind the Existence of Specialty Sock Subscriptions

Over time, they've been less in demand because they didn't always match people's style, but subscription boxes are all the rage now. Some companies have decided to utilize their services for socks instead. If you look into specialty sock subscriptions like Philosockphy, you'll find that there's a whole subculture behind them; many are created by women who love having fresh and new pairs on hand without having to go shopping. In order to make sure that you're getting a great value every month with your subscription purchase, know what kinds of socks will be coming your way before you sign up!

Great Reasons To Start Your Own Specialty Subscription

It’s easy to understand why sock subscription companies are on the rise. Their success is a sign that we need better socks! They are also a means for us to replace our old sock drawer and introduce new socks, without having to go out and buy individual pairs. In addition, they allow us to enjoy more styles than we could possibly ever find in stores or department stores. And while they aren’t cheap, as a sock-of-the-month customer, you will get special deals and earn points toward free socks. Some subscriptions even provide you with exclusive styles that aren’t available anywhere else. As if all of that weren’t enough, imagine how it feels when someone says Wow! I love those socks!

Common Features Found in High-Quality Men's Subscriptions

Philosockphy - When you buy a sock subscription for men, you are generally getting something that is designed to fit your foot better than conventional socks. This usually results in a much more comfortable sock, as well as one that holds up better and provides more support. Subscriptions often offer multiple sizes or selections when it comes to sock sizes, so if you don't know what size works best for you, don't worry - they'll figure it out.

Common Features Found in High-Quality Women's Subscriptions

Subscription boxes are a popular item to send or receive during special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. However, it's not just limited to women anymore! Men are starting to get in on the excitement, too. A high-quality men's subscription typically has similar features found in women's subscriptions like clothing items or cosmetics but they might also include gadgets or tools that can assist men with their day-to-day needs. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when looking at subscriptions for men

Common Features Found in Kids' Subscriptions

Kids' subscriptions often offer some combination of three features: Exclusive monthly items, a special deal or discount each month and surprise gifts. Additionally, children are usually given a sock of the month for free in their subscription package. Some packages also offer a sock for mom that matches each sock for her little one. But if you're looking to save money on buying socks, avoid getting these additional socks. They may be cute, but they're usually inexpensive with lower-quality material and won't last long when washed every week. If you have picky children who demand only certain types of socks (such as only white ankle socks), it's best to stick with plain white ankle socks and buy your child's favorites separately to avoid paying full price each month.

Tips for Choosing Between Subscription Options

A while back, we wrote a whole post on how to decide between sock-of-the-month clubs or buying in bulk. Basically, it comes down to your needs and how you want to spend your money. If you really love socks (and can afford it), get a subscription. If you're on a budget and just need a couple pairs at a time, check out our collection page where we've curated some of our favorite socks by category. And if you don't mind doing it yourself, visit our shop page for all sorts of options—from solid pairs to crazy colorful pairs! Just remember, wherever you decide to buy your socks from: wear them with pride!