The Best Socks Subscription Boxes That Will Make Your Feet Happy

The Best Socks Subscription Boxes That Will Make Your Feet Happy

Ideally, you have multiple pairs of socks in your drawer, from short to tall and from thin to thick, so that no matter what type of shoe you throw on in the morning, you’ll always have the perfect pair of socks waiting for you. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case—you may have a few pairs of socks that are just okay, but they’re old favorites that you can’t bring yourself to toss out. So how do you get new socks without having to leave the house? Sock subscriptions are the answer!

Editor's Pick

When I travel for work, I like to keep things simple. At all times, my bag contains a toiletry kit (shampoo, conditioner, body wash and toothbrush), sleepwear and pajamas as well as my laptop. The rest of what I need travels with me in checked luggage -- clothing and other accessories that fit easily into a small duffel bag. Aside from my laptop, one of my most important tools is a comfortable pair of shoes or boots.

Kids' Picks

A sock subscription box that just for kids? Yes, there is such a thing! For families with little ones, it’s a great way to keep your kid’s feet cozy and colorful all winter long. These are also a fun, low-commitment gift idea that you can send monthly or just whenever you want. Pick some up for back-to-school season, or when they need new socks because they have outgrown their old ones. It might sound silly—after all, kids don’t really care about design or style—but if you know where to look (or if you happen to be both stylish and have young children), you can find some really sweet designs with your kids in mind. They will love them as much as you do!

Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s time to start buying presents for all your loved ones. As you stroll through that sock department at Macy’s, stop and think about yourself. Do you buy your socks in bulk or do you pick them up here and there as needed? If you fall into the latter category, there is a better way to buy socks — subscription boxes are starting to pop up all over online! So, if you know of anyone who doesn’t like surprises, a subscription box may not be right for them — but if they love colored socks (and who doesn’t?), then get ready for their feet to thank you. Here are some of our favorite sock subscription boxes

Men's Picks

If you're looking for a fun, memorable gift for your dad, brother, husband or best friend, here are two sock subscription boxes that will blow his socks off. The Bombas sock of the month Club is perfect for men who want to improve their everyday lives with simple design upgrades. Each monthly package includes six pairs of quality socks – each pair designed and engineered in-house to ensure they fit comfortably while keeping up with trends and tastes. One of our favorite picks is Bombas' Quarter 3 Skyline collection ($40/month), which features rich, navy and crimson colors inspired by iconic skylines around North America.

Women's Picks

This month, I'm excited to feature some of my favorite women's socks subscription boxes. These are perfect for women looking for new, fresh designs and brands that can't be found in your local department store. One special note: these socks are designed and made specifically for women so they tend to run a little on the small side—in other words, don't be surprised if you have to go up a size or two. Here's what I loved from each of these subscriptions