The Best Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

If you love getting socks as gifts, then you’ll love these subscription services that send you new, exciting pairs each month. Each company has their own special touch and niche to help keep your feet feeling fresh, clean and comfortable no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Whether you want socks for hiking, for working out, or just because they’re cute (and who doesn’t?), there’s a subscription service out there just for you!

The 4 Best Sock Subscriptions

It's a well-known fact that you can never have too many socks, and it's always good to have some spare pairs on hand. But what about your feet? We're not talking about the old socks as slippers cliche, but rather something a bit more sophisticated: cool socks! Here are four of our favorites.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Some Good Quality Socks

There are a few reasons why you should consider investing in some good quality socks. First of all, there is the obvious point that they will last longer. Quality socks will not wear out as quickly as cheaper brands, meaning you can wear them more and spend less money over time. Secondly, quality socks feel better on your feet. Some people may be tempted to spend less on a brand that feels good at first but after a few washes the material begins to pill and get uncomfortable. Lastly, cool socks help with circulation. When our feet are happy and comfortable we're happier and more productive!

How To Choose a Pair of Fun, Trendy & Comfortable Cotton Socks

There are many different types of cotton socks out there. The best way to find the perfect pair is by deciding what you're looking for in a sock. For example, do you want your socks to be breathable? What about moisture-wicking? Do you need them for working out or just for lounging around the house? Some other things to consider when picking out a pair of socks is the type of toe, heel and foot (cotton, wool, blend), length (crew, ankle), and material (cotton, wool).

A good place to start looking for cool socks is online with companies like Philosockphy. They have stylish cotton socks that come in an assortment of prints and colors.

Finding the Right Brand, Fabric and Size

Finding the right pair of socks can seem daunting at first, but it's actually quite simple. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

-Fabric: Not all fabrics are created equal. Cozy wool socks will be much warmer than cotton for the winter months. And don't forget about the summer heat - cotton is an absolute must.

-Size: If your feet swell or shrink throughout the day, it might be worth getting two different sizes of socks and switching between them depending on how you're feeling.

-Brand: There are plenty of high-quality sock brands out there, but some stand out from the rest. Try out a few and see what feels best for you!