The Best Sock Subscriptions for the Ultimate Sock Lover


If you’re looking for sock subscription ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ve listed five of our favorite sock subscriptions, each with their own unique spin on the timeless idea of getting fresh socks delivered to your door every month. Take a look and decide which one seems like the best sock subscription for you!


When to buy your own socks

Socks are one of those things that make a great gift, but you want to make sure they fit. So whether you're buying socks as a present or just because you want some new ones, here's what to do:
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When to get a sock subscription

Subscription boxes are a lot of fun and it's even more fun when you get to wear clothes. If you're looking for a way to dress your feet, there are lots of sock subscription options that will make your toes (and other body parts) happy. Whether you want cool socks, crazy socks or just plain ol' socks, these five subscriptions will have something to tickle your fancy. The next time you're in need of some new socks (or if you have someone on your gift list who needs some new socks), check out these awesome sock subscriptions!


When to DIY your own sock drawer

If you're looking to get your sock drawer in order, this DIY is perfect for you. All it takes is a little sewing know-how and about half an hour of your time to create socks that are as unique as you are. You can make these socks out of any fabric or material, so think about what colors or patterns will suit your wardrobe best. Once you've chosen the materials, follow these steps:
1) Cut two pieces of fabric into rectangles large enough to cover a pair of socks and sew them together with a tight zigzag stitch. 2) Use hem tape on one long edge and press it flat with a hot iron (or use fabric glue). 3) Fold over the opposite side and press again before sewing down with a straight stitch.