The best gifts for people who are hard to buy for

What do you want to get me for my birthday? you ask your best friend. I don’t know, he says, and you both sit there for a few moments in silence, wondering what to buy him and hoping you won’t have to return the gift the day after Christmas. What if we told you that there was something perfect to buy anyone on your list? Not just one person, but everyone on your list could be blessed with these wonderful gifts that keep on giving (and giving and giving). We’re talking about socks.

1) Best Gifts for Men
Sometimes, it's easy to figure out what people like. If you know your dad likes golf, you can get him a gift card at his favorite golf course. But what about those folks who seem impossible to shop for? The ones you run into at big family parties and can't even remember their names—let alone what they like? Buying a gift for them seems like an impossible task. So don't bother, socks is one of those gifts that is universally loved by everyone and perfect as a last-minute present for any occasion. Here's why: Men love socks. It might sound strange, but they really do! Whether it’s your dad, brother, or husband, socks might just be one of the best gifts you can give. We all need socks, whether it be men crew socks or mens ankle socks, but no one ever thinks to buy socks for gifts—and even when we do, they’re often boring. Guys tend to like things that look nice and that have a purpose. So why not step up your gift game and pick up a pair of fun socks? It’s a small investment that makes a big impact on someone you care about. It is so easy to buy socks online and gift them for all type of occasions!

2) Best Gifts for Women
When it comes to holiday shopping, women can be notoriously difficult to shop for. Every year we'll tell ourselves this year will be different and that we'll know exactly what our wives and girlfriends want—but more often than not, it turns out nothing could be further from the truth. But don't fret! There's no need to stand in those crowded mall lines or wait until Black Friday. If you're looking for a unique gift idea that lets her show off her style, socks are as good a place as any to start. First, when in doubt, always go with socks. Socks also make amazing stocking stuffers. Everyone needs socks; they’re small and often come in fun designs or colors. A cute pair of ankle socks can be just what someone needs to spice up their work wardrobe or gym gear—and they’re fun enough that many will wear them outside of work. When you need an inexpensive gift that most people will like, go with something practical like socks. They come in all shapes and sizes—literally—and there are even some styles made especially for men, women and kids. So, whether you’re shopping for your father, mother, brother or nephews/nieces/grandparents/friends ... chances are there is a style available that will suit them well.

3) Best Gifts For Teenagers
Many people worry about buying gifts for teenagers. This is particularly true if you don’t have children of your own, or you’re buying a gift for someone else’s teen. If that sounds like you, relax—the internet makes it easy to find great teenage gift ideas (like socks). If your teen doesn’t already wear them regularly (most don't), he or she will probably love them! The choice of style, size and color is vast and it's so easy to buy socks online. In general, teens aren't incredibly sentimental, but there's nothing like a new pair of socks to make an otherwise bad day better! There's also a good chance they'll appreciate having some nice pairs of dress socks or ankle socks. You can order those from an online store easily enough and have them shipped straight to their house with just a few clicks on your phone or computer. Your teen is going through some big changes and putting together his or her own style. This means taking risks and experimenting. What better way to take those first steps into adulthood than with bright-colored socks? There are lots of fun choices out there, from polka dots to patterns that look as though they came straight out of a comic book. And as long as you're not giving dorky Christmas socks as a Secret Santa gift or anything, none of these colorful choices seem inappropriate for any kind of occasion. As long as you're giving stylish socks in hues that compliment each other well (we're looking at you red and green here) then all is fair in fashion wars...and gifts! Socks may not be what comes immediately to mind when most people start thinking about what kind of gits they want given out over Christmas dinner.

4) Best Gifts For Coworkers
When you’re looking for a gift, it can be difficult to strike that balance between thoughtful and generic. If you need help figuring out what gifts to buy your colleagues, here are some ideas of great things they’ll love—and won’t even have expected! When in doubt, though, socks work pretty well. Not only is there a whole category of fun novelty socks, but there are also other kinds that keep their feet comfy no matter how much they stand or walk around at work! Plus, everyone needs new socks every now and then. Don't believe us? Check out these shocking things you didn't know about sweat. Your coworkers will appreciate receiving them as much as their happy feet will thank you once they've started wearing them. Just remember to pick one (or two) up for yourself while you're shopping! What's more practical than making sure you're all walking on warm toes with our cotton crew socks or mens ankle socks! A few pairs would make excellent stocking stuffers; we suggest buying them an extra pair of mens socks and taking advantage of our free shipping with all socks USA orders over $35! Happy shopping and merry shopping holidays!