The 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for That Sock of the Month Subscription

The 6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for That sock of the month Subscription

A few months ago, I found myself browsing the internet and saw an ad pop up that said sock of the month subscription. I was intrigued but at the same time laughed at the very idea of it. Socks? Really? Well, as fate would have it, I clicked on the ad and ended up on their website and thought hmmm... what do I have to lose? I took advantage of the free trial offer and let them send me socks in exchange for my feedback after trying them out.

1) They are made with high-quality yarn

Of course, your feet can’t enjoy a comfy sock if they aren’t made with high-quality yarn. The most important component in a sock is how much its material is knitted together. High-quality socks are made with thick yarn that has been knitted many times over to ensure durability and comfort. Not only will higher quality socks stand up to more washing cycles before wearing out, but they’ll be kinder on your skin as well! You may find yourself getting dressed in the morning without even noticing your feet aren’t covered by normal cotton socks any longer!

2) They have an anti-bacterial treatment built in

While socks are typically thrown in a hamper or into a laundry basket, it’s important to treat them like clothing items. In fact, most sock subscription boxes have their own special detergent that you can use to wash your socks with. Don’t fret—they won’t shrink when washed! This treatment helps prevent odor and keeps your feet happy and healthy. Make sure to make it a habit to always dry your toes after washing them; if you’re someone who likes to shower at night, try putting on a pair of dry socks before going to bed so that moisture doesn’t linger on your skin all night long. It also helps cut down on bacteria growth if you shower twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.

3) They come in lots of different colors and styles

There’s nothing quite like getting a package in the mail full of brightly colored socks. While that may sound like just a frivolous reason to get a sock subscription, consider that colors can have psychological effects on your mood. Plus, different colors can complement each other or work together as part of a greater outfit. Even if you don’t use all those socks right away, there will come a time when you have an outfit planned out and they’ll be just what you need to make everything come together perfectly. Having that matching pair or two will save you from having to dig through your drawers to find a suitable match at last minute.

4) Buying them is more cost efficient than purchasing from stores

Buying socks online is more cost efficient than visiting your local store. Studies show that when you buy a six-pack, you will use them all. If you went out and bought a six-pack, they would most likely get lost in your sock drawer and never be used. Buying online saves money and allows you to have exactly what you want when it comes to colors, patterns and sizes.

5) They are sent at regular intervals so you don’t have to remember to order them yourself

Unless you want your first pack of socks to arrive in December, it’s best to let a subscription service take care of these things. Many sock subscriptions send packages on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, so you can rest assured that they will arrive at just the right time—and, if they don’t, there are plenty more that should be arriving soon. It doesn’t hurt to check if your subscription is running behind schedule—but generally speaking it makes more sense to just sit back and wait until your socks show up. Otherwise, you might go sockless for too long.

6) And last but not least, your feet will thank you!

Comfortable, colorful socks can make you feel more confident in your day-to-day life. When you wear a nice pair of socks to work, you know your feet will be comfortable and supported all day long. And who doesn’t want that? A sock subscription service is a thoughtful gift idea that most people wouldn’t think to give themselves. It can also help them find new favorites they wouldn’t have known about otherwise! Just imagine how much attention their feet are going to get when they show up wearing their new socks at every holiday gathering or social event. They’ll be so popular! Don’t believe us? Give it a try—the comfort, quality and selection will amaze even our most loyal sock customers!