The 6 Best Sock Subscriptions

The 6 Best Sock Subscriptions

How many pairs of socks do you own? Chances are, if you’re like most people, the answer to that question is more than I care to admit. Why do we have so many socks? It’s not because we wear all of them each day—most of us don’t have time for that sort of shoe rotation! Instead, socks end up accumulating in our dresser drawers and deep in the back of our sock drawers as we get new ones at holidays and birthdays from loved ones.

cool socks are a luxury not a necessity

We have socks in all colors and patterns, but they aren’t items we usually get excited about. There are cool socks out there, however, and sock subscriptions are a fun way to add a little extra oomph to your life. Each month you’ll receive two pairs of socks – typically one basic and one patterned pair. You can choose between ankle high or knee high depending on your preferences. Some sock of the month clubs only offer socks, while others include other accessories like phone cases or watches. These would make great gifts for men (or women) in your life! Just remember that some sock subscriptions require you to sign up for a year or two upfront.

Some subscriptions come with an added surprise

cool socks. Regardless of gender, these sock-of-the-month clubs are a great addition to any wardrobe; they’re perfect for those who love style, comfort and variety. A personal favorite is Bombas , which provides an endless stream of fashionable socks from all over. Each sock subscription comes with a pair or two in each box: one is typically bold and patterned, while the other is usually solid or lightly patterned for versatility.

Men’s sock subscription services

The best sock subscription services help keep your wardrobe interesting with fun and unexpected socks. We’ve rounded up our favorites, in addition to some information on what makes a good sock subscription service—because after all, cool socks are only as good as their design. Read on for our six favorites.

Kids' sock subscription services

Ready, set, sock! These sock of the month clubs are perfect for kids and their parents. Your child gets a surprise package with cute new socks, and you get to treat them like an adult. The subscriptions start at just $10 per month - that's two pairs of socks for just a few bucks. Even if you know your kids' shoe size already, it's still fun to watch their faces light up on opening day when they see these cool boxes filled with awesome new socks.

Most sock subscription services are affordable

Think $12 to $15 per month, plus shipping. It’s a fun way to stock up on new socks for fall and winter, and an easy way to get rid of old socks you never wear. But which sock subscriptions are really worth your hard-earned cash? Here are some things to consider when choosing a sock subscription.

Great gift idea for men, women, or kids

sock of the month Club ($15 to $20 per month) This is great for anyone who loves socks but doesn’t want to be bothered with picking them out. Signing up is as easy as checking a box on a form, and new subscribers receive their first pair of socks within a few weeks. There are clubs that specialize in children’s, women’s, or men’s socks—and you can even get two pairs of socks instead of one in most cases. For $15 a month, you get three pairs of high-quality socks from brands like Darn Tough or Smartwool; for about $20 a month, you can add another adult pair and an additional kids sock. Want something different?