The 5 Sock of the Month Subscriptions You Should Consider

The 5 sock of the month Subscriptions You Should Consider

sock of the month subscriptions are one of the more interesting and random subscription services out there, so it makes sense that you might wonder whether or not it’s worth your money to sign up. After all, aren’t socks just socks? Well, yes and no! There are plenty of different styles, types, and even sock subscription models out there to fit any kind of personality or lifestyle.

6 Reasons For Wearing More Socks

Philosockphy is a topic I often discuss because socks have a long history in our lives and make everyday life better. It’s said that socks with pictures on them have been around since 4000 B.C., and these were found in Egypt. Other sites also show remains from Roman times where socks made out of plant fibers were discovered, though there are no clues as to how they were worn. Today, we can wear designer branded socks, something I do quite often, or stick to plain colors that match anything and everything. My favorite socks are cotton ribbed knee-highs because they fit great and always keep my feet warm during winters.

7 Types of Sock Subscription Boxes

1. The socks subscription box that curates high-quality socks for you (usually pricier) 2. The socks subscription box that sends you an odd number of pairs (usually cheaper) 3. The sock subscription box from a brand or retailer, which is often more expensive than buying in-store 4. Sock subscriptions for women only, because some brands just don’t work for guys and vice versa 5. Socks of the month boxes, where you get one pair per month 6. Geeky sock subscriptions, which give you socks based on a theme like Harry Potter or Star Wars 7. Mystery sock boxes, which are often pricey but also tend to include higher-end socks

8 Philosockphy behind Sock Boxes

While socks subscriptions are a dime a dozen these days, not all socks subscriptions are created equal. To help you weed out some of what we call Philosockphy in today’s sock boxes – or subscription services — here are some other things to look for

9 What Else Is Inside?

The subscription model has been around for a while in various forms. With a sock of the month club, you get some socks sent to your house every month. It's a little different than, say, getting something delivered monthly like Loot Crate or Dollar Shave Club—you get exactly what you expect with these sock clubs and there's nothing unexpected. Nothing that will make you say Oh hey! This is neat! only to find out it's something that doesn't really have much use to you.

10 My Favorite 6 (Slide - Click)

See, I don’t think socks should be viewed as a commodity or utility like an arm or a leg. We deserve something better than that. What we need is sockphilosophy, and there are companies out there like SocksofMonth that are helping us achieve it. Each month you receive a pair of socks by design that have been carefully chosen for your taste preferences and lifestyle needs. Here are 10 other sock-of-the-month subscriptions you should consider