The 5 Best Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

The 5 Best Sock Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Happy

Right now you’re probably thinking I don’t need a sock subscription, I already have enough socks! But if you look around your feet right now, do you really want to wear all of those socks? Chances are good that you don’t want to, which is exactly why there are sock subscriptions – subscriptions where you get a new pair of socks in the mail every month or so. If you’re tired of the same old socks, or if your favorite socks are starting to wear out, consider switching over to one of these awesome sock subscriptions.

1) What is a subscription box?

The idea behind subscription boxes is simple: get a package of items sent to your home on a regular basis (usually monthly). The contents usually vary, but it’s always good fun. It also gives you something else to look forward to every month instead of being stuck in a same ol’, same ol’ pattern with your wardrobe. Most box subscriptions are clothing and accessories, but they can also be filled with products like makeup, stationary supplies, food or even pet toys. You could even create your own by signing up for different services! In any case, there are so many options when it comes to subscription boxes that choosing just one can be tough—so we did it for you.

2) How do sock subscriptions work?

Most sock subscription services offer a way for you to customize your preferences in order to make sure you always get socks that are right for you. Some might ask about your favorite color, others may ask about your preferred thickness or style. The point is, if you don’t have time (or desire) to do a lot of shopping around on your own, these subscriptions can take a lot of legwork out of the equation. Plus it’s fun! Socks come in all sorts of colors and patterns—and really aren’t just for feet anymore. Who doesn’t want colorful toes? No one—that's who!

3) What makes a great sock subscription?

When it comes to sock subscriptions, there are a few details you should look for. For starters, you want a subscription that features socks in various colours and patterns—think stripes, plaids and polka dots. You also want a company that offers size variety so you have options even if your feet grow or shrink. And finally, a great subscription service will send high-quality socks that feel good on your feet—that means no itchiness or uncomfortable seams. It’s hard to find just one subscription box that meets all of these criteria, but with careful shopping and online research it’s easy to get all five!

4) Our top picks

It’s no secret that our feet are home to millions of bacteria, but what can we do about it? Fortunately, there are a number of sock subscriptions out there that make keeping your feet healthy easier than ever. After hours of research and serious debate, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite sock subscription services that not only keep our feet happy but stylish. We hope you love them as much as we do!

5) Final Thoughts

This is a must-read guide if you’re thinking about investing in a sock subscription. Sometimes, it can be really difficult to keep up with trends and other times your socks get worn out before you’ve even noticed that they’re there. You don’t have time for all of that and you shouldn’t have to worry about it! These five great sock subscriptions will help keep your feet looking as good as possible at all times. You won’t need to spend hours sifting through styles or worrying about whether or not your clothes will go with whatever socks you choose. That makes things much easier – and cheaper too!