SOCKSophy: The Best Way to Fold Your Socks

Your sock drawer may seem like an unimportant aspect of your life, but it actually represents the epitome of order and cleanliness. It’s where you keep your socks before putting them on every day, so this is the one place you should be able to rely on for organization. If you can’t find your socks at the end of each day because they’re stuffed into an ugly pile in the back corner of the drawer, it’s time to consider changing your sock-folding strategy.

What is the best way to fold your socks?

The best way to fold your socks is by matching up the heel of the sock with its mates. Hold the first sock in your hand, and then make a small fold at the top of it - just enough so that you can wrap it around and stretch it over the second sock. Next, hold both socks together and place them into one of your hands. Place a thumb inside each side of the fold, and roll them down tightly so that they are tucked inside one another like a burrito. If you're wearing ankle socks, simply tuck each foot into its mate before rolling them together like a burrito. Finally, use both hands on either side of your sock burrito to gently squeeze out any excess air as you fold it up!

Two-step method (two steps)

1. Bend your sock over so the toe is facing you.

2. Roll the sock from the toe to halfway up the back of your foot, making sure that it is even on both sides and no fabric is being bunched or wrinkled.

1) Bend your sock over so that the toes are facing you. 2) Roll the sock from toes to halfway up your leg, making sure that it's even on both sides and no fabric is being bunched or wrinkled.

Pinch method (one step, with pictures)

The Pinch Method is a simple way of folding your socks, where the sock itself becomes the fold. It's a great way for ensuring that your socks don't end up all bunched together in one big pile. Once you've folded your sock, hold it between both hands and gently pinch it with your fingers in order to make a crease. You'll then want to fold the sock again using the new crease as the fold. This ensures that you have two even halves from which you can place them in separate drawers or piles.

The Pinch Method is best used on socks with elastic bands because it helps keep them from becoming too stretched out and misshapen over time.

Windmill method (one step, with pictures)

To start, put your socks on the ground in front of you, one on top of the other. Put one sock over the other and place them so that they are perpendicular with each other. Then bring up the bottom sock and fold it in half over the top sock, then tuck it under itself. Now repeat that same process with all your socks until you have a nice stack of folded socks!

Diagonal method (two steps)

1. Lay one sock on its side and place the other sock on top of it, both socks oriented in the same direction.

2. Fold one sock over the other, so that they now sit at right angles to each other. 3. Take the lower left-hand corner of the bottom sock and fold it towards you so that it meets up with the upper left-hand corner of the top sock. This should create a diagonal line running from left-to-right across each sock in opposite directions. 4. Repeat this process with all four corners of each pair of socks until a rectangle is formed (this will take two folds for some pairs).