Sock Subscriptions: The Sock Monster Ate My Socks!

Sock Subscriptions: The Sock Monster Ate My Socks!

Have you ever wondered why people like subscription boxes so much? The explanation might be because they don’t know what they’re going to get. At least, that’s what one company thinks with their sock subscription called the Sock Monster Ate My Socks! Each month, subscribers will receive one random pair of socks from the company’s mix of over 100 pairs of socks in different styles and colors. These subscriptions are available in 3, 6, or 12-month increments and can also be purchased as gifts for friends and family members.

Why wear socks if they will only disappear?

Nowadays, most of us don’t wear socks just because we have to. Most people wear them because they like socks—the feel of soft fabric next to their skin, their bright colors and designs, their warmth in cold weather. But then there are those who never take off their socks for a simple reason: It’s easier not to. These sockless people would rather suffer through cold feet than risk losing a sock in the laundry or somehow misplacing it around their house (and yes, you do know someone like that).

6 Reasons why you should consider buying socks through subscription services

#1 No more lost socks...ever. By signing up for sock subscriptions, you’ll be ensured a steady stream of socks that’ll always match your outfits. #2 Don't risk ending up with too many of one color or style. With subscriptions, you can avoid stocking up on only a few colors and styles while still having options to wear. #3 Perfect gift idea. If you have family or friends that are difficult to buy for, sock subscriptions make great gifts because everyone needs new socks eventually and will be happy to find them in their mailbox every month or so. #4 Never lose another pair of expensive dress socks again by finding stylish replacements for them through subscription services.

4 Options to choose from when looking for sock subscriptions

shop socks at a bricks and mortar store, go to a trusted brand like Hanes, try out a sock subscription service or invest in some Philosockphy. Philosockphy provides you with 5 months worth of socks that are guaranteed to never disappear while doing laundry. Each box comes with 4 fun styles, no duplicates and if you’re ever not happy with your socks – they’ll send you new ones every month for free. With Philosockphy’s longest lasting socks option which is also their cheapest it still costs less than buying one pack of everyday black ankle socks at Walmart. And no more wondering where your favorite pair went missing or taking a chance with just one matching sock left in your drawer. After all, who wants to wear mismatched socks? You can learn more about Philosockphy on Amazon here.

4 Reviews of top sock subscription services

Who likes getting socks for Christmas? Nobody. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to get socks, or wear them. And sure, you can just buy a pack of nice new socks when you need them, but why not pick a style and color scheme once a month and let someone else do all of that work for you? Here are some great services to make your sock shopping easier. Each one offers different features—free shipping on returns, gift cards for giving as presents—that will ensure everyone in your life gets their own kind of socks. Happy Holidays! Click here to view table