Sock Subscriptions: The gift that keeps on giving (or how to never worry about what to wear on your feet again)

You know that guy who’s always asking, Hey, do you have any socks in that drawer? or Hey, can I borrow those shoes, again? Yeah, he won’t have to worry about that anymore if you give him one of these sock subscriptions as a gift this year. Sock subscriptions are an amazing way to save money while giving your best friends the gift of sock happiness. Plus, you’ll never be short on an idea when it comes to what to get him/her as a birthday or Christmas gift again!

Reasons why sock subscriptions are cool

1. You don't have to think about what socks you're wearing for the day- Philosockphy does it for you! 2. They offer a lot of different designs and colors so there's something for everyone, including kids. 3. They have them in all sizes, so they'll fit any foot! 4. They have subscriptions with different lengths of time- 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or one year! 5. With every purchase they make a donation to the charity of your choice- which is really awesome.

6. Their social media presence is great- I love seeing their posts on Facebook and Instagram because it's always such a positive message each time! 7. And last but not least, their customer service is amazing too!

How does it work?

Philosockphy is a sock subscription service that delivers the perfect socks for each and every occasion. If you're not sure what type of socks you need, just ask us! We can help you figure it out with our style quiz or we can just send you a few pairs of our favorite styles. Either way, we'll make sure your toes are happy!

What type of socks do they sell?

The company Philosockphy sells socks in two different subscriptions. You can either subscribe to a monthly or bi-monthly sock delivery. For example, if you choose the monthly sock subscription, you will receive two pairs of socks per month for $12 a month. If you choose the bi-monthly sock subscription, you will receive four pairs of socks every other month for $15 a month.

Philosophy has been dedicated to their customers since they first opened their doors in 2012. They have an A+ rating with the BBB and offer easy returns and exchanges as well as free shipping both ways!

Are they good quality?

We can't be certain of the quality of these socks, but we're sure you'll love them. That's because each month Philosockphy will send you a new pair of socks from our ever-growing selection. And best of all, they'll be handpicked based on your preferences and lifestyle. You deserve the perfect pair of socks every month!

Is their customer service good?

I ordered a pair of Philosocks for my mother for Christmas last year, and she loved them! She told me they were the first pair of socks she's ever owned that felt like they really fit her. She had always been self-conscious about her large calves and wide feet, but when I gave her these socks she was so excited to finally have some beautiful yet comfy options. And let me tell you, she wears them all the time. I think this is because Philosocks are not only super comfortable and make you feel like you're walking on clouds, but also because we offer free exchanges so if anything doesn't fit properly or just isn't quite right for any reason at all, you can simply reach out and let us know!

Where can you buy them?

Philosockphy Socks was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing the perfect sock for every occasion. From running, to lounging and everything in between, they've got you covered. They offer subscriptions with a variety of styles and options, as well as one-time purchases. They offer free US shipping for orders over $25. Sign up now and don't worry about what socks to wear ever again!