Sock Subscriptions Make a Great Gift Idea


How many times have you given a gift to someone only to regret it later because you didn’t pay enough attention to the gift-receiver’s personality? If you can’t remember the answer, then maybe it’s time to consider sock subscription services like sock of the month . With six, three or even one month-long sock subscriptions available, you can find the perfect gift for your friends, family members, neighbors or loved ones that will be sure to put a smile on their face each and every month. These unique sock subscriptions are also excellent birthday gifts or stocking stuffers!


The Problem

crazy color dress socks are not very practical to wear every day. And if you're anything like me, your sock drawer is filled with lots of cool ankle socks that you never wear. The best way to find out what kind of socks you like is by looking at your favorites in your drawer and seeing what colors and patterns they come in. If you enjoy wearing crazy color dress socks, or if you just want to buy someone who loves funky socks a gift, sock subscriptions make an excellent choice!


Determine the purpose and type of socks

The best socks subscription is the coolest gift idea. For anyone with a dad, son, husband, partner or friend who needs to keep their feet warm and comfy in style, this is the best present you can give them. If you want to know what I think is the perfect sock of the month club for men, I say go for one that offers funky and colorful socks (or just cool socks in general). There are also some good ones out there that focus on crew-length socks. It's safe to say that fun socks for men are always going to be well received as gifts. cool mens socks can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes - from funky ankle socks to dressy dress socks.


Consider sock subscriptions

If you're looking for something to give someone who likes socks, it's always nice to find something they might not have thought of themselves. sock subscriptions make the perfect gift because they are practical and fun at the same time. There are some cool choices out there! For example, if you're giving this as a gift to someone who is more into colorful socks, then check out these awesome sock subscriptions:
- The awesome socks club - The best crew socks - The Fun Men's ankle socks - The Coolest Dress Socks.


5 unique sock folding methods

1. The Side-by-Side Fold - You fold your socks in half, with the toe side of one sock on top of the heel side of another. The result is two neat and flat piles of socks.
2. The Lazy Ladder Fold - You fold your socks into two piles, but with this method you overlap them so they create a three dimensional ladder. This makes it easier to grab the right pair of socks when it's time to get dressed in the morning.
3. The Star Fold - You fold your socks into four equal-sized stacks by folding them lengthwise and then folding each stack in half again to create four smaller stacks that are uniform in size and shape.