Sock Subscriptions for the Pattern-Obsessed and the Sneaker-Obsessed

Knee-high socks aren’t just for women who are going to work out in them (although those are great, too). They’re also for style-conscious women who want to spice up their feet-wear with different colors and patterns every day of the week. For these women, sock subscriptions are an excellent choice because they give you high quality, stylish socks that match your unique tastes, at an affordable price every month. But what types of subscription services are there? And which ones will work best for the type of woman you want to be?

What types of sock subscription boxes are available

Knit to Be Together is a monthly sock subscription service that offers two different subscription packages: one for pattern-obsessed, or one for sneaker-obsessed. With this service, customers will receive a new pair of socks each month based on their preferences. The socks come in a variety of colors and designs to match any style preference. Users can choose between three different sizes (small, medium, large) to find the perfect fit. The cost of each package is $30 per month, making it an affordable luxury item. Knit to Be Together also offers a buy one get one free offer on new memberships! This way you can try out the service without having to commit right away.

What each box offers

**Pattern Socks** For those who are obsessed with a well-coordinated outfit, this sock subscription is a must. With two pairs of patterned socks delivered every month, you'll never have to worry about what to wear again. **Sporty Socks** If you're more of an athletic person who's also obsessed with wearing matching clothes, then this box is perfect for you. Every month, they'll send you two pairs of patterned socks that match your favorite sports team so that you can show your spirit while still staying stylish! *Dress Socks* Dress socks are great because they come in so many different colors and styles that it's hard to get bored with them.

Reviews for top picks

Hosiery subscriptions are more than just the latest pattern socks delivered to your door every month. They can be a way to explore new trends, meet new brands, and even find out about designers you may not have heard of before. The best part is that with all of these options, you can find a subscription that matches your own personal style preferences. Here are my top picks:

How often you receive your new pairs

Every month, you'll get three pairs of socks delivered to your door. One pair will be a sneaker sock, one pair will be patterned, and one will be an accessory.

You can change your preferences at any time; just shoot us an email letting us know what kind of socks you want. If you're looking for more patterned socks or if you have a preference on which kind of sneakers we send, don't worry! You can let us know that too.

We think it's really important to see as many patterns as possible each day. Our goal is to have something different in each package that gets sent out so our subscribers always have something new to look forward to when they open their package at the end of each month.