Sock Subscriptions for Every Type of Sock Lover

Sock Subscriptions for Every Type of Sock Lover

How do you feel about the idea of sock subscriptions? If you’re one of the many people who love the idea, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some awesome sock subscription options available today. Whether you’re looking for fun, funny socks or something more serious, we’ve found 10+ awesome sock subscription ideas for every type of sock lover out there. If you want to know more about each of these subscriptions, keep reading! You can also check out our video below to see our top picks in action.

For Men

Are you a sock guy? Do you have giant-sized feet or is your partner often buying new pairs because yours go missing? You might be a Philosockphy. This subscription sends several fun and funky socks to your door each month. While it might not seem like a big deal, wearing odd socks can make an outfit—or at least it makes sure that no one else wears your socks. You'll get six pairs of men's patterned dress socks in any combination of colors with shipments every 3 months. Just choose from these three styles: American Dreamin’ (red, white, and blue), Love Machine (black, yellow and red stripes), Out on a Limb (purple/orange/yellow argyle).

For Women

Is it possible to have too many socks? If you are a woman who loves to wear stylish socks, then you might be asking yourself that question. And in our experience, we can say that there is no such thing as too many cute and awesome socks! That’s why so many women love wearing sock subscriptions—because each month they get an assortment of fun new styles and colors. From knee-high boot socks to over-the-knee stockings, there are just tons of cool designs out there, and it’s hard not to love all that variety! Here are some great sock subscription services perfect for women

Kids + Teens

If you have kids or teenagers who need socks, there are a few subscriptions that you should check out. Bunches and Bunches is a monthly sock subscription geared toward kids between kindergarten and fifth grade. The company offers four different plans, ranging from one pair per month to five pairs per month. Each package will include three different styles of socks chosen by an expert child psychologist with adult supervision—so you can be sure they'll like them! They also offer matching styles for parents, which is something we think every sock lover would appreciate.

For Couples

A matching sock subscription is a great gift idea for a couple, regardless of gender. Some choices offer men's socks that match women's socks or vise versa. Others offer two pairs of themed socks (say, Star Wars and Star Trek). And if your giftee loves to cook, you can even get them a monthly foodie sock subscription!

For Families

The 10/10 Pack sock subscription is a fun, affordable way to get matching socks for entire family. For $22.95 per month, you'll receive five pairs of unique hand-made socks; each pair has a little number on it that corresponds with your family member's number. For example, if your son is 8 years old and his favorite color is red, you'll be able to customize his 10/10 Pack and ensure he receives red socks every month! There are even accessories you can add on such as gift cards or sock creatures designed by kids (and approved by parents). It's a great way to remind your family how much they mean to you.