Sock Subscription of the Month: What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?


How many socks do you own? If you’re like the average American, it’s around seven per person, or 140 pairs in total! That’s a lot of different sock styles and designs, so it’s likely you have more than one favorite type of sock. That’s why we recommend signing up for Monthly sock of the month, which sends you several different pairs of quality socks from all over the world every month!


The rise in sock subscription services

There's a rise in the popularity of sock subscription services because it's fun and convenient! With fun, colorful socks available to choose from, you can feel like a kid in a candy store. Plus, you'll be happy you're getting fresh socks delivered to your door every month!


What will your socks say about you?

Mens ankle socks come in a variety of colors and styles, but what does your sock choice say about them you? If you're looking for something fun and unique to spice up your sock drawer, we recommend checking out this month's sock subscription. Whether you want ankle socks or crew socks, they've got something for you. Fun socks are great for those with a sense of humor who want to brighten up their day with colorful dress socks or crazy color dress socks. We also have simple fun men's ankle socks with more subdued colors that still bring some life to an otherwise boring weekday outfit.


The benefits of owning socks from a subscription service

If you love to wear socks but don’t have time to find new pairs all the time, then a sock subscription service might be for you. With monthly sock deliveries, you can keep your wardrobe looking fresh and funky without any effort. Plus, with so many different styles and patterns to choose from, your feet will never be boring again! For those who aren't into wearing socks at all, we've got you covered too. Our line of crew socks are perfect for those on the go who need to save some space in their suitcase or backpack. But if that's not enough, we also offer our subscribers an option to get gift socks delivered every month as well!


How to find out what kind of sock person you are

It's time to find out what kind of sock person you are. Are you a fun dress socks lover or do you prefer cool crew socks? Do you like colorful socks for men or cool mens socks with patterns and dots, polka dots or stripes? Whatever your style, this quiz has got something for everyone.


Get ready for the new wave in sock subscriptions

One of the best innovations in men's fashion is sock subscriptions. It all started with a simple idea to spice up your monthly sock box and make it more interesting. Now, there are endless choices from every corner of the world, including everything from ankle socks to crew socks and colourful ankle socks to funky, fun socks.
One company in particular offers some really cool and colorful options for men, meaning that you'll never have to worry about looking boring at work again! With brands like Huey and Dewey, Boxfresh, and many more to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice with what design goes best with your personality.